Saturday, September 24, 2011

Everyday is something

What a crazy last couple of weeks! We made arrangements with the landlady to paint the house for a reduction in rent. She supplied all materials and we supplied the labor. It was a win win situation. But wow, I had forgotten how much work is involved in painting a house! It was all worth it. Took two weeks to do it, but the house sure does look good again. And this may sound silly but the house appreciates all the care it is getting. Poor thing hasn't been painted since it was built in the mid 50's!

My horse hasn't been urinating right for about a month. So I had the vet out to see what the heck is going on. My first thought that he had a bean ( a wax ball in his sheath), nope that wasn't it. Then I thought maybe it was stones in his bladder. Nope, that wasn't it. Had an ultrasound done and still couldn't find out what was going on. So a blood panel was done. Well, turns out he is anemic! He isn't drinking enough water. So I have been making sure he is drinking. If the water doesn't do the trick, well, then it is something way more serious such as cancer. Time will tell.

My youngest and myself went to the Jacksonville Historic cemetery. One of our favorite places to go. I really liked this grave site. It really fits in well with the history of the town of Jacksonville, which was a gold rush town back in the mid 1800's.

You might have to double click on this picture. I was amazed that new growth has sprung out of an old burnt out dead stump. This tree is in the middle of a very old grave site.

Grace is starting to take her first wobbly steps. Eeeeeek!!!!  I bought two doggie gates to keep her blocked in the dining and living room areas. And now that she is growing taller, she can reach more stuff! My gosh I had forgotten what little ones can get into and how much stuff has to be put up higher.

My youngest daughter and I here at the house. I had taken her to the one and only authentic German restaurant around for her 21st birthday. Well, her birthday isn't until the end of October, but with my schedule and hers this was the only day we could go to lunch. Have to say, the food was delicious!

So far the foxes have not had any more chicken lunches or dinners. I have been keeping the chickens locked up in their coop area and only letting them out every now and then. My thinking is if they aren't let out everyday, it may confuse those darned foxes that there isn't a chicken meal to be had everyday!

The Guineas are so big now. And I think I have made a mistake in getting them. I got them to be watch birds, but it sure as heck isn't working out that way. Those Guineas sound the alarm at everything! And I do mean everything! Oh no, a leaf is falling, sound the alarm. Oh no, a cat just ran by, sound the alarm. And they are picking on certain chickens! Um, no, not acceptable. Although I do admit they make me laugh with their antics.

The resident bear is getting pretty close to the house now thanks to all the blackberry bushes close by.

In a few weeks marijuana plants will be harvested which means there are going to be a lot of busts going on. The Mexican cartel lurk in the mountains and protect their crops. A few years ago there was a fire fight between them and the law. Hmmmm, wonder how bad it will be this year!

My notebook computer has been down for awhile and was having to use the old bulky desk top. And talk about slow! But hooray, my notebook is up and running like a champ now.

Well, I have more to say but don't want to bore you. Time to get outside and get some chores done. Me thinks it is time to pick more blackberries for more syrup!

Tomorrow it is suppose to rain so am going to catch up with all of you then.

Until next time........................... 


  1. So good to SEE you! Ron said he SEES you all the time on FB, but since I don't do FB, it is nice to finally see you. You look just just as I expected.....a kind looking soul with her heart on her sleeve! My kind of people!
    Blackberry syrup eh? Better get them before Mr.Bear does.
    I can't believe how you nonchalantly mention the Mexican cartel! lol And I think we have a few concerns!Good to hear from you.

  2. wow you have been a busy bee! happy birthday to your lovely daughter. I hope your pony get better soon and its not the dreaded C word. maybe a salt lick will help him to drink more.
    stay out of trouble, and dont get caught in the cross fires

  3. Best of luck with your pretty pinto.
    Grace looks like she's growing into a sturdy healthy toddler!
    Terry at Moondance

  4. Hey, watch out for Mr. Bear when you go berry picking!

    My goodness, Gracie's so BIG now! How perfectly it fits you to use doggy gates instead of baby gates. :) I like your Snoopy shirt, too.

    Yikes, I'd be nervous with armed outlaws so close by. Maybe those guineas are being loud enough to keep them setting foot near your property. If not, Mr. Bear can have them, lol.

  5. Hello! I just discovered your blog. You have a lot going on at your farm! Bears, foxes, marijuana busts. . .makes for an interesting read!

  6. well!
    lets see the finished work!!!!!

  7. Hope your horse is feeling better soon and hope it's nothing serious.

    Wow - two weeks to paint your house... ours needs to be painted too and I know it'll take a while! It's really hard for me to think of starting a task that's going to take so long. :)

  8. Ohhh, I just *love* the pic of you and H!!!! Makes me miss you guys a lot!
    You all are certainly busy - winter needs to come, just so you can rest a bit. lol

  9. The cemetery looks so amazing. The old west look and feel tells so many stories.

    The blackberry syrup sounds delicious. Just watch out for the bear.

    Thanks for the kind words over at the brighter side. I do appreciate you for stopping by whenever you can.

  10. Love the picture of your little jailbird....too cute!

  11. You certainly have been very busy. I am in awe of you painting the house. Man, that's a lot of work. Not to mention that it involves ladders, and ladders and I don't get along. Gracie is cute as can be. Just wait until she starts really walking well.

  12. I have 2 more doggy gates I could send you if you need!


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