Tuesday, October 18, 2011

History Find, City Folk and another Experience

Day before yesterday as I was outside I noticed several people feeding my horses and donkeys over the fence. Um, not acceptable. So out to pasture to have a chit chat with these folks. As I walked closer the woman asked if I didn't mind if they fed the horses and donks some carrots they had. Well, yes I do mind. They should ask before feeding anyone's animals. Well, come to find out the couple had travelled all the way from the Los Angeles area to attend the local church out here. Wow, really! They were telling me how beautiful it is here compared to down there. Yes, it is beautiful here. The husband then looks at all the blackberry bushes and asked if it was okay to pick the raspberries. Um, they are blackberries, not raspberries, but yes go ahead although there aren't many berries left anymore due to the bears pretty much picking them off. When I mentioned the word bears, his eyes got big as saucers and asked me where they come from. Well, off the mountains I told him. Then he starts looking around for bears! Sorry, but by this time I am giggling. I had to tell him that the bears come down in the evening and early morning so the chances of him seeing one are pretty low. They thanked me, I told them to have a good trip and if they wanted to feed animals in a field to please ask the owner otherwise there could be some really nasty trouble for them.  City folk!!! :)  

Looky at what was found close to the house. It is an old, old window weight!!! There have only been two house built on this property. The first one built about 1870, the second one ( which I live in) was built mid 1950's, And I can say that the windows in this house have no window weights! I don't know how to date window weights, but am hoping it is from the original house.

Another find was this pick ax. Pretty sure it isn't antique old, but with all the rust it just looks good with the other pieces I have been finding.

October not only means Halloween, it also means pumpkin seeds for us humans and the shells for the donkeys.

Now for another ghostly experience.

A few years ago some friends gave us a car they had no use for. Turned the car into the work car to save on gas. One day I had to go to town so decided to use the car rather than my truck. As I was warming the car up I looked into the rear view mirror and much to my surprise there sat an elderly woman, short blue/gray hair, wearing a blue shirt and was staring straight into the mirror. Not much will make me jump, but I can say when I saw her sitting there, well, I was startled.  Startled enough to get out of the car! For some reason she really took me by surprise. After a few minutes I got back in. Nothing. She was gone. 

Nothing else happened for a few days, then she showed up again. This time hubby was driving and I was in the passenger seat. Being more aware of her, I wasn't startled this time around. In my mind I asked what she wanted. She informed me that she loved her car and was trying to get in contact with her daughter, but that her daughter wasn't paying attention because she had so much on her mind. She wanted her daughter to know to not back down, that she was happy and everything was going to be fine.

I contacted our friends and casually asked about the car. They informed me that her mother had recently passed and that she had loved that car! Really! She also told me that ever since her mother had passed she had been having problems with some members of the family trying to bully her into going against her mothers' wishes.

Okay, by this time I couldn't keep my mouth shut anymore. I told her what I saw in the backseat and the messages got. I also told her that her mom has been trying to contact her. I gave my friend  a description of the woman I had seen. She got up, came back with a picture and yup, I saw her mother! I told my friend to open her mind and look for signs. Sure enough, her mother came to her and everything worked out.

We still have the car, but the mother has since moved on now that business was taken care of.

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  1. I thought that was a window weight when I saw it.....Ron's Mom's house (over 150 years old at the time) had those in every window. And they are heavy!
    Great ghost could have your own TV series.

  2. I don't know what a window weight is!

  3. I love how you handle being visited by these spirits. I know too well what it's like. But like the friend that you got the car from, I have been too busy lately to open my mind to the presences. I have to wonder what I've missed.

  4. Ya gotta pity city folks who just don't get to see what we get to see! I think it's cool that they come out of the city to go to churches. Combining a Sunday drive with worship!

  5. So would city folks with pumpkins be welcome to feed the equine. Only if they ask first. I feel the same way but no one brings feed around my farm. They just stop to look. Which is just as creepy. In general most poeple are afraid of cows and don't want to be that close to them.

  6. your blog should have a health warning "dont read at night when you may be scared" x

  7. lisa it is a weight that "helps" keep a large sash window open
    makes it easier to open up

  8. Seems like you know exactly what and where to go to solve these ghosts problems....How To Book or just never know who you may help!

  9. I can't believe people just feeding your animals like that. Good you told them about the bears. I don't know what a window weight is either. And did you tell Rachael about the old woman in the car? Having open minds and ability to see what others can't. Anyway, I have a computer now and will stay in touch. I will also blog about my summer.


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