Saturday, October 1, 2011

A personal ghostly experience

Well, since it is October and that means Halloween, what better time than to share another spirit/ghost experience. The pic above I found on the Internet. 

When I was about 23 I bought my first house. It was built in the early part of the 1900's, added onto about 1920 and the last part was built about 1927. Take my word for it, it was a rundown, drafty, not so great house, but I could afford it so I didn't care.

After living there awhile I began to hear voices. No, not in my head! Ha Ha  At first I couldn't understand them, but after awhile I could make out words.  Then the pots and pans started rattling at night.  I just knew it was an older woman who lived in the house when it was first built. She obviously liked to cook at night! I found out years later that the original owner's wife loved to cook at night!  

Since the house was so old it needed some renovations done. I started taking the layers and layers of wall paper down. Then it was tackling the old linoleum. You know, that really old, thick, colorful linoleum. Ugh, that was a chore!

Well, sure enough once the renovations started, the ghostly activity became quite obvious. That's when the footsteps started. They would come from the back end of the house, walk down the hallway, then stop.  

At first it was a bit unnerving, but dealing with ghosts/spirits my entire life it just became normal. 

I didn't feel any malevolent spirits so I didn't worry about it. Thank goodness my kids never heard or felt anything.

After living there about 5 years the activity grew.  Then the footsteps outside in the gravel driveway started. At first I thought it was someone sneaking around the house, but after a few times of being outside and hearing the foot steps I knew it wasn't a living being.  With time I got used to that too.

There was one room in the house, the pantry, that I really did not like. I mean, I really did not like that room so I avoided it. Nothing was stored in there and I kept the door shut. I could feel a rather malevolent spirit in there. I figured so long as the door was shut and no one went in, everything would be fine.

After a few more years went by the energy became thick. The old lady in the kitchen wasn't coming around much. The talking pretty much came to an end. I got an uneasy feeling.

It was about this time that my first marriage came to an end. No, it wasn't the house, it was that he was a raging alcoholic and got into drugs really bad. He ended up putting a bullet in his head one night in a room that was built onto the house. Better his than the kids or mine!!!!

Anyway, not too long after that happened the energy in the house got real bad. I went and bought some camphor blocks and placed them in all the windows and above the doors. Things settled down for awhile.

Then it all started up again. I was working ten hour days. One night I came home after work, the kids were spending the night at some friends, I walked into the house through the back door, was walking down the hallway when I saw a small, black shadow figure in the living room. You could see the living room from the hallway. I stopped,  the figure looked at me, then walked to the right of the living room. I ran into the living room looking for what I had just seen only to find nothing. Oh, just to let you know, I was not tired or exhausted or anything like that. I know what I saw. In fact, I can still see it in my mind right now and it still gives me the creeps.

Seeing that black shadow figure was it for me. I was done with that house. There was no way I was having my kids live there anymore. Within days I found another place to move, packed up and moved out.

I rented that house out for a few years. And what is strange is every couple who rented it ended up divorced or split up. Then the house sat empty for about a year. A friend of mine wanted to go through the house and prove to me that there was nothing wrong with it. So in he went, only to come out with a puzzled look on his face. He told me that there were spider webs everywhere, except for where a person would walk. It was as if someone was hanging out in the house since it was empty. I asked around the neighborhood if anyone was squatting in the house. I was told by several people that yes they saw homeless people go in, but they didn't stay more than a night. After awhile no one went into the house. Not even the homeless would go in it! But yet the spider webs were everywhere except where one would walk.

I sold the house and property years ago. The house was torn down. A subdivision is suppose to be built there. I hope the next house built on the land has no ghosts!

Okay, that is just one experience in my life. I will share more on my next post.

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  1. thats sounds so creepy! It would be interesting to know what the houses on that land are dealing with. thanks for the story, I loved it

  2. Sounds like something that you'd hear about on a TV program. Very real, I'm sure.
    It tells us more about your background too. I'm delighted to read of your experiences. I have a lot of respect for someone that's not afraid of talking about these situations.

  3. Wow! I wouldn't have lasted two days! I give you credit! 8^0

  4. Brrrr, makes me glad I don't see ghosts. There are probably a lot in this old house, but I seem to be impervious.

  5. Do any of your daughters have this ability? It is very are a great story teller. I do believe that 'energy' is around us all the time.And since we are made up of energy which can't be destroyed, it stands to reason that some people can 'pick up' on it. I see a book in the future.......

  6. I grew up in a house that was supposedly near/around a battlefield, in the town that is the birthplace of Texas. Anyway, we'd find very old buried tools and axes in the backyard when I was a child and we had some very dark, scary things happen in the house while growing up. It lasted a few years and I had no idea that at the time my brother had heard and seen the same things (he's 4 years younger than I am). We had never discussed it at the house, my mother wouldn't allow it. After my brother served in the first Middle East war, Desert Storm, I got to visit with him a lot upon his return and we got to talking about haunted houses and he revealed the things that had happened in our house growing up and I was literally sitting there in shock...also saddened that neither one of us had known until we were adults. Oh well. My mother died in that house in 2006 from breast cancer. We've not had problems since we were kids, but the house still is not a place I'd be fully trusting to let little children be alone. Thank God my daughters are now grown. I did stand in my mom's living room (by myself) when my children were toddlers and I issued a very stern, heartfelt warning to whatever had frightened us as children to not dare even consider approaching my children in any form or manner...maybe is wasn't needed, but I had to do it just the same. If a person hasn't lived through these things, they might not be able to comprehend how terrifying it can really be or maybe they can and they dread the possibility. Since I've lived through years of a haunted house, I feel as if I could confront anything, but I'd still be very terrified. Very. You never forget the fear of something dark being in your house and making itself known, repeatedly.

  7. What a super October story. I have goosebumps!

  8. I lived in a house where I constantly felt watched. The back of my neck always prickled when I went up the stairs. It was in that house my parents split up. The family that bought it next also split up. And the one after that. Then it was finally bought by a company and is in company name, so I don't know whats going on there anymore.

  9. This sounds like you have a sixth sense...which I think is great. You are unscathed and no harm came to you physically. I think you are more likely to be safe in these situations...just a hunch. I wonder if the land is now haunted? Be interesting to find out.

  10. It certainly sounds like a place you wouldn't want to stay. it's good you got out of there.

  11. Sounds like that whole property needs a major energy clearing. Archangel Michael can help out with that. Also, crystals help to clear energy. And, white sage & salt. It's interesting how many properties are out there that have the same thing going on as your old house. I've walked into a few houses and vowed to never go back. Usually, I get blinding headaches while inside them. I'm so glad that you have found such a peaceful property to reside in at this point in your life. Great Halloween story!

  12. I too lived in an old house like that,you haven't lived until you walk into your bedroom and find EVERY piece of furniture in the middle of the room.I heard it move and went to investigate lol.


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