Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Anger issues and another ghost experience

I seriously need to rant a bit. Hope you don't all mind.

As a lot of you know Michael Vick brutally murdered dogs, financed a dog fighting ring, etc.... Yes, he spent time in prison. But not for brutally and intentionally murdering dogs he deemed unfit. He even through a few of his families pets into the ring to be used as bait dogs just because he thought it was funny.

Okay, here is my rant. In my book he is the lowest of the low. He sickens me daily. And it seems he is all over the Internet on how much money he is making, what a 'golden boy' playing football, etc... Every time I see his name or his face I get so angry.

What the hell has happened when someone who is a scumbag can get away with what he did? Yes, I know he did time in prison. He did time just like Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton did time. A joke is what it was! A joke!

Yes, I know he will have to answer in the end for what he did in life. And that in itself is gratifying to me. Although, I really wish he would pay some sort of price while he is here on this earth. 

I will never understand how a, um, 'celebrity' can get away with murder and not pay the consequences.

Okay, I know, I really need to get over this Vick issue. And I am trying. What I am happy about is, he was brought out into the light for the public to see what a demon he is. A lot of his dogs have been rehabilitated and are now living the lives they should. Happy ones!

Alright, enough of the negative rant. I actually do feel better now. Thanks for listening.  

Now on to another ghostly experience. I have had so many in my life that I am randomly going through my memory and picking some.

Some years ago I was driving my middle daughter to work and my youngest was in the backseat. We passed an accident on the road on our way. It was recent. The ambulance had just left and there were a few police cars still at the scene.

Just as we drove by, a woman ( spirit) showed up sitting in the backseat with my youngest. I knew immediately that this woman was in the car wreck and didn't make it. She was very confused. Her hair was disheveled. She just sat there. I didn't say anything to my kids because I sure as heck didn't want to freak them out! I continued our drive, dropped my daughter off, and headed back home, the whole time this woman was still sitting there.

Since I couldn't tell her she had passed due to my youngest still in the car, we continued on home.  

As soon we got home I took my daughter into the house, told her I forgot something out in the car and walked back outside. Sure enough the woman was still there.

I opened the back door, gently told her that she had passed on and for her to go on to the other side. That it was okay and she would find peace as soon as she got to the other side. I also told her that her family and friends would get through their grief, but that they would be okay. I also thanked her for not scaring my kids.

She looked at me, then vanished. That was the one and only time I saw her.

Oh, on the news that evening sure enough they had the wreck on, and sure enough the only one who didn't make was a woman. Hmmmmm.

Until next time.................................


  1. bloody hell!
    love the matter o fact way you recounted the story

  2. I so agree with you. Vicks is a monster of the worst kind. And I agree, he will have to answer at the end of his life, but I kind of wish he would answer a little while he's here on earth. That makes me feel cruel for saying, but its true. Those dogs suffered so much.

  3. Fascinating Cindy...once again you had me sitting up and paying attention re: ghost...Vick just is sick!

  4. I totally agree with you about Vick! I wish the NFL would have banned him. He deserves nothing.

  5. Interesting ghost story. Thank you for sharing it. I've had a few experiences myself.

  6. Im sorry I dont know who vick is but he sounds like a horrible man.
    I too had a similar experience only I was home in bed and the accident happened just a few streets away. I had to tell a young man to go to the light. I was so upset, he was much too young.
    I really love the photo of the mountains, are they close to your home.
    Keep the stories coming they are fasinating.

  7. With you on Vick, all he did was reveal his true character that is deeply flawed. There are a LOT of "criminals" who would be very troubled by Vick's kind of mindset...there are criminals that could steal a car in a parking garage, but never harm the head of an innocent animals. It's a shame that he had to pick the most despicable kind of who hurts the innocent...over another kind of act. That's my view.

    And, the ghost story is chilling. My family has long had the ability to not really see ghosts but to FEEL a bad circumstances with overwhelming oppression and then we ALWAYS discover that on these rare times there is indeed a tragedy taking place at that very moment. All the women on my mother's side of the family have this uncanny ability; when one of us has a terrible (much worse than "bad") dream or feeling, then we all need to perk up and pay attention because something traumatizing is headed our way.

  8. I don't know who this Vick is but from what you wrote he IS the lowest of the low and I do hope he pays big time in this life. Cruelty to animals should always be punished hard... not the car thieves!

    The ghost story is beautifully written... I hope the woman found peace.

  9. For the dogs that died, they were spared the agony of a tortured life. We should celebrate that the ones that lived are now moved on to better lives. and while I'm sure they are scarred, they know how much better life is and I know appreciate life more.

    Often people ask me if I am scared to work in the funeral home. We have a funeral home that was built 161 years ago. Not once have we witnesses anything happen there. All my experiences have been outside of work where you'd least expect it. You've got some good stories. TV producers could use some new ones. It's always the same stories on TV. But it probably not good to exploit the deceased.

  10. About Vick! He needs to pay and Karma is good that way! And supposedly he is the highest paid in the NFL. Go figure! But he can't take it with him! What comes around, goes around!

  11. your ghost story gave me chills! how on earth did you stay so calm?

    I agree with your rant about that piece of crap Vick, and what sickens me is that this monster is now being rewarded with millions of dollars. Why the heck aren't people refusing to support him?
    I hope one day the lightbulb will go off, and he will understand what he has done.

  12. The majority of the media -- esp sports media -- really white washed what Vick did to the dogs, what his operation really entailed. the only people who got the full horror of what he did are people who are invested in animal welfare and animal rights and read about it. The average person, the average football fan, really has no clue. They believe he just fought some dogs, no big deal, leave the guy alone. I heard these men in a tavern by my house complaining about what is being done to Vick over nothing. I asked them what they think he did and they honestly thought the guy had one or two fights between a couple of dogs. People who are not invested in the care of animals dont want to know and dont care to know the truth of the horror and absolute torture that Vick perpetrated on hundreds of dogs.

  13. These are getting better and better.....the ghost stories that is! Do people know that you have this ability? And can you call on the spirits at will? This is quite the 'skill' you have.

  14. Did you know that Dogs Deserve Better actually purchased Vick's house and turned it into a rescue shelter? Talk about a strange twist of events...I totally agree with you about Vick. There are just no words to express the complete disgust I feel about him and his actions.

    Your supernatural abilities are amazing. I love hearing all these experiences. Keep 'em coming!

  15. What a wonderful gift you gave the spirit of the woman in your backseat! Peacefulness is the greatest gift - for both the physical plane AND the spiritual plane. Rock on, sister! Your life's mission is exactly that: spreading the love & light around you. All of us Lightworkers are here to make this planet a better place for all. No more searching -- you are already doing your life's purpose, my friend. Congratulations!
    -In Love & Light, Your Soul Sister Rachael


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