Sunday, October 24, 2010

Watching the clouds

 We went out to the new house today to measure the pasture so we can start putting up a fence on the one end of the pasture that has no fence. And wouldn't you know it, the rain was downright pouring and the wind was a blowin'. After the measuring was done we headed back to the house to get out of the rain. While I was standing in the carport area I noticed what I thought was smoke coming from wood stoves. But realized that I wasn't watching wood smoke, it was clouds coming in and starting to form on the mountain across the road.
 The clouds were coming in really fast.
As we stood there we could see the clouds swirling and changing and ever growing. It was rather awesome to see it happen right before our eyes.

While we were measuring we found a rather disturbing thing kind of hidden under some dead blackberry bushes. Want to know what it was? It was a carcass of a baby calf. Have no idea where it came from because as far as I know there haven't been any cows on the property in some time. But this carcass was fresh enough to know what it was. No, I didn't take any pictures of it!

Going back to the house again tomorrow to set off a bunch of bug bombs. While we were there we noticed just how many spiders were in the house. And since I do not do well with spiders, well, they have to go before I move in.

Until next time......................


  1. Interesting to watch the clouds forming.
    Ominous - the calf must have been killed elsewhere and dragged there by some kind of predator.......... but what we wonder? You have a good gun or two?

  2. Nice when clouds form lower than the mountains and you see the peeks over the clouds...just nice. Well looks like you a busy time ahead of you before you move in..hope you have a lot of help and fun doing it.

  3. What an amazing and beautiful place that you'll be calling home!! Good luck evicting all the spiders (I don't like them either!) and getting everything ready!

  4. Can't wait to hear all the stories about the new place. It looks pretty out there, I'll have to make the drive and check it out.

    My guess is a cougar must have dragged the calf there. Keep an eye out for the cougars in the area, it looks really remote out there.

  5. My Mom lived in the Great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. Her scenery looked like yours - that's how they got their name.

  6. Hey, spiders need love, too! Cloud pics were very cool:) You probably happened upon the hidden cache of a predator regarding that calf. Here, he thought he had hidden it so well for a future dinner and now you've gone & discovered it. Just remember: it's not polite to eat someone else's dinner without his/her permission!

  7. Honestly this new place looks like something from a travel book on Oregon! So scenic.
    I was wondering if it was all fenced in for your critters.
    When do you move in? Good luck!

  8. The area is so very pretty! You have so much excitement and fun before you. So much to discover, good luck figuring out what killed the calf. So much beauty to enjoy. Have fun!!!!

  9. glad things are moving forward. the place looks nice and the mountains there are beautiful!

  10. your dairy barn is absolutely lovely
    can you take most of your animals?

  11. This looks absolutely beautiful!!
    And watching those clouds come in...amazing!

    Hope you don't mind if I follow your adventures:))

  12. The clouds are beautiful... what a great catch with your camera. Good luck with the spiders... *shivers* :)


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