Monday, October 11, 2010

Peaceful parade

Saturday was Southern Oregon's 1st Gay Parade held in downtown Ashland.

And guess what? There were no protests! Everyone got along peacefully!

Everyone was smiling and laughing and having a good time.

There were people of all ages. Young to old.

I was very happy to hear that there was no ugliness at the parade. Looks like more and more people are opening their closed minds and seeing for themselves that love is love.

By the way there have been some really good guesses to the egg thief. Keep it up. Contest ends Friday! And yes of course you can enter as many times as you want.

Until next time.............................


  1. I'm so glad that everything went peacefully. Sometimes, I get a little hopeful for the human race.

    By the way, I just found out that someone has bought General John. Yay, that's one who will get a good second career.

  2. Ah! It's working now!

    I'm happy that the parade went well and there were no disturbances! I do hope that is a sign that people are opening their minds and their hearts. As you say - love is love!

    Cool feathered friends and a pretty kitty!

  3. You didn't say that it was Southern Oregon's first Gay CHICKEN Parade!!!lol For a second there, you had me goin'!

    Yes, I agree that it's good nothing violent happened. We are coming along slowly but surely.

  4. I'm so glad the parade went well!

  5. Wow - that is a big step for Oregon! That is great news:) Yes, love is love and people need to stop being so hateful to people who are different then themselves. It seems your chickens had a little parade of their own going. Glad you caught the egg bandit.

  6. With Love, everything is possible. This celebration was done with love. I hope there will be many, many more.

  7. We should just look at our critters and learn from them.

  8. So there's hope for the human race? I'm sure Oregan has more going on mentally than North Carolina does.

  9. I'm having a great laugh over this A.J. I guess it's alright to have a laugh...some serious answers there....ANYWAY....look at Sophie's blog on Friday called Mim Mim and'll see something familiar in the last pic behind Sophie.


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