Thursday, October 7, 2010

Funny how attached you get.

Last night I received an email from a dear friend. Actually, we have never met, but we are old souls together and we email each other as often as we can.  She lives in New Mexico and had purchased and EBay item I had listed several years ago. We just clicked and our friendship was instant. I also have another dear friend who I met the same way.

Anyway back to what I was going to say. My friend informed me that one of her mules, Morgan, who was a rescue last year, passed away peacefully in the pasture. My tears were instant ( as I write this the eyes are watering). I had never met Morgan in person, but the day my friend sent me his picture I was in love with him. Just downright felt in my heart love. There was something about him that got into my soul. I though of him daily. He was kind and gentle even though he had been through some really bad times in his life.

After reading her email, wiping away the tears I realized how many animals have that I have never met, but have touched me. There is Sophie. Princess. Angel. Maddie. Albert. Boris. Franklin. Jack. Boone. Justin. And there are more. Most of you recognize their names because they are a part of your family. Though I have never met them and chances are probably won't, they have touched me.

Isn't it funny how just a picture and what you read can effect you? How they get into your heart. You know what I mean.

So to Morgan, rest in peace old boy.

Until next time..............................


  1. You can see Morgan's beautiful soul in his eyes. Thank goodness that this mule, who you say has had some hard times in his life, spent the last year in comfort, with someone who loved him. I wish that they all could have that gift.

  2. Morgan looks like he was a real sweetheart.

  3. You have stated it so well--these animals that you and others share truly are so special. Rest in peace, Morgan.

  4. I am sorry for your friend's and your loss. But I am glad Morgan had someone who loved him. God speed, Morgan!

  5. Oh, but you did meet him! I am a firm believer in the power of energy in the universe. You have it. One doesn't have to actually 'touch' or 'see' the person or animal, but we can be there.
    If you were near I know Sophie would be beyond herself! And we'd never see her!!! lol

  6. i think sometimes we open our heart more to animals cause it seems less vulnerable! and, their innocense make them so easy to love! sorry for morgan but happy to hear he died quickly and peacefully in his own pasture.

  7. What a kind old soul he looks to be--I know what you mean, sometimes there is just a connection there even if we may never meet that animal. I like too how you mention that you've acquired some dear friends through something like ebay. Through selling my fiber I've met a few people that we have just instantly connected and continue to email to this day.

  8. I trust I'm the Sophie who appears as Numero Uno on your list! Smiles and good feelings to you and all those that you meet...yes whether they ever/never meet.

  9. there is NOTHING wrong with having a big heart!


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