Friday, October 1, 2010

Storing for winter

This morning as I was filling the water troughs and enjoying the turning colors of Fall, I heard a noise. Upon investigating upon where the noise came from I noticed a stash of acorns between some of the barn boards.
 It appears Fred, the resident ground squirrel, has been busy stashing winter food.

By the looks of this stash here he is doing a mighty fine job of storing.

Then I noticed these acorns between boards in front of the barn door. Hmmmm, wonder how many more stashes ol Fred has going.

The bit on the left is for decoration purposes only.

Now if we can just get Mother Nature to realize summer is over and quit with the ninety degree days!

Until next time......................


  1. that's too cute! Fred is a very enterprising squirrel, lol!

  2. Good for Fred! Now he won't have to come knocking at your door in the middle of Winter, begging for food.

  3. Fred is one smart fella! I hate it when a squirrel gets a head start on me!
    Nice pics !

  4. Very clever little guy, that Fred.

    Ninety?! We're lucky to see 65.

  5. So cute. My squirrels are storing things away too, but they have their good backup plan of my dog food bowl on the front porch.

  6. That is just too freaking funny, Cindy! I wonder what our Lenny is storing as we don't have any oak trees here.

  7. That is quite a stash, I hope he remembers where they are! :-)

  8. That's too cute.... I found a whole whack of nuts in our bbq the other day. I guess its time to get ready for winter.

  9. Cute story.

  10. I need assistance with my stash...the guys just won't let me hide anything...that's a fib...I haven't got the ability to save...I devour!

  11. I hope Fred doesn't know something about this winter that we don't know. Yikes, that's a lot of nuts.


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