Saturday, October 16, 2010

Historic buildings

 Today on the way to go look at the rental property we had to drive through a town called Jacksonville. It was established around 1850 and was a Gold Rush town. Jacksonville is a National Historic Landmark Community. There are 90 original brick and wooden buildings. And there are a lot of tourists who visit each year. The above pic is of one of the several old churches in town.
 Above pic is of the McCully house. It is now a little restaurant and if I remember right, it is also a bed and breakfast.
 Not sure what this building was used for when it was built. But it sure is big and beautiful. If only those bricks could talk! My best guess was this may have been a mercantile of some type.
 Another building I think was the livery stable with rooms above. Possibly used as a brothel!!
 This is the original post office building which is still in use today!
 Another original building. I think this was the newspaper shop.  
 Another beautiful building.
This is the Nunan house. I adore this house. This picture does not do it justice. It truly is breathtaking. Well, if you like Queen Ann Victorians!
The beautiful Queen Anne style Jeremiah Nunan House, circa 1892, is called the Catalogue House.
Purchased by Jeremiah Nunan as a Christmas present for his wife, Delia, it was shipped from Knoxville, Tennessee in 14 railroad boxcars. It took six months to assemble it in Jacksonville.

The interview went fine. We will find out by end of next week wether we can rent the place or not. I'm not crazy about the house ( anyone remember that cheap, ugly, dark fake panelling used back in the 1960's)? Well, that's what is in the house!!! Ugh!!!!  If we get to rent the place I am going to have to buck up, grin and deal with it. So long as the animals are with me that is all that matters!!!

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  1. I love the old buildings, but could move right into that Nunan house, fabulous! I just love those old Victorian houses!

    Maybe you could talk the lady into letting you paint that dark and dreary old paneling? I had that stuff in my kitchen in the old house and despite the fact that I had 3 windows and a lite in the door, it was the worst, depressing hole. We painted it sunny yellow and I loved it! Crossing fingers!

  2. you couldnt get more american than an apple pie

  3. Now if you get the place, what a town to be near! Full of history and great things to photograph. As far as the dark paneling.....see if you would be permitted to paint it. ......something lighter. Tell them it would be an improvement. I know that would be a lot of work....but one room at a time.......slowly.
    Love the Nunan House.

  4. I love the historical buildings... Like Sharon said, maybe you can paint the paneling. I used to live in a place that had the drab, dark paneling and I painted it blue. It took several coats but boy did it make a difference! Hope it all goes well...

  5. Love the history! If only buildings could talk! And they've all been kept and maintained so well!

    Good luck getting the place. Sometimes we aren't loving everything about a place, but other things make up for the not so nice things. I hope it all works out for you and the animals!

  6. What a quaint little town. I love the Queen Ann Victorian houses, so I think that is my favorite that you showed. Good luck with the rental property.

  7. I love historic buildings, and the Nunan House takes the cake. Best of luck with the rental ((( ))) Hugs.

  8. I so understand what you mean when you wished the bricks could talk. I feel that way when I visit old buildings too. I so wish I could have a window on time gone by to see the people and pets of a bygone era.
    Good luck with the rental. Maybe the dark paneling will be warm and cozy for the winter?!


  9. I so hope your interview went well and you get the palce. The town is beautiful and I'm sure living close to it would make up for some of that paneling. And main thing is that you can have your entire family with you.

  10. What a beautiful town... thank you for sharing it with us. It has so much character!

    Fingers crossed on the house... you're right - as long as you and the animals are together.

  11. Our town is approximately the same age. There are some wonderful old buildings that have been taken care of or ever restored. And some that should be torn down :(
    As a designer, I have dealt with the old paneling several times. The least expensive thing is to paint it. I have never had a client that let me do it willingly. But they all love the texture of it, once it is a more pleasing colour. Good luck and enjoy the new digs.

  12. The old town has some beautiful buildings, and it's refreshing to see they are nicely renovated, keeping the architectural details intact.
    Maybe they will allow you to paint the walls, my daughter has panelin painted a soft moss green, and it's absolutely gorgeous.
    Enjoyed looking at your pictures, I feel as if i've been on a trip !

  13. I agree on the paneling. We had it installed in our house when I was growing up. It makes the rooms so dark. If she won't let you paint it (which looks really nice,as I've done a bit up here where I live now), you might be able to hang up a bit of heavy light colored fabric in a lighter color on some walls, or perhaps a quilt or two on the walls.


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