Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Animal abusers can't hide anymore!!!!!!!

Just a quick post this morning. I'm headed out to the new house, but thought you all might be interested in the website

This site will let you know about animal abusers in your state, country, etc....  It is very interesting and I, for one, am very happy this is public knowledge. Now the animal abuser can be recognized for what they are!!!!! No more hiding in the shadows thinking they got away with their crimes.

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  1. nothing like this in the UK....
    mores the pity!!!!!!

  2. That took a lot of work to put together. I'll have to take some more time to look it over. I wonder what organization is behind it?

  3. It makes sense to have something like this. I hope it will be an effective tool to help eliminate animal abuse around the world. Thanks for this.

  4. Looking at the list, I saw several that "my" deputies had to deal with. If you want to see a deputy alternately sick to their respective stomachs and angry, have them deal with something like this.

    One of the horse neglect cases was on the news, and our Sheriff was so angry, he was barely able to speak to the reporter. Our county has gone so far as to have a Livestock Investgation Team, since our area tends to have the dubious reputation of hoarders and neglecters... With any luck, this might help.


  5. Thanks for the website. I just looked up California & found one of the cases I was a part of: Tiger Rescue in Colton, CA, a few years back. I was part of the rescue operation when Fish & Game took over the operation. The Fund For Animals & The Humane Society picked up the tab for taking care of the cats. I spent the first 14 months volunteering out there. The whole thing lasted 21 months, until all the cats could be relocated to legit facilities. Here is the direct link to read about that case, in case anyone is interested:
    I saw a lot of really horrific things done to animals there... I've worked in animal rescue in So. Cal for almost 12 years now, and that place still sits at the top of the list for me as the worst case scenario. I'm glad this website exists & that the word is getting out to the masses about these types of people. Cruelty is never okay or justified.


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