Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Looks redneck but........

 The weather forecast is calling for rain starting this weekend. And we need the rain. However since I had to take down my portable stall unit there is no place for the horses and donkeys to get out of the rain except for what little cover the trees provide. It bothered me knowing there wasn't a dry area for them so I used my imagination and made some redneck shelters. Armed with tarps, bailing twine and my trusty Gator, out to the back pasture I went. Those blue tarps are really ugly, but they do the job as far as keeping things dry.
 After choosing which tarp was going to be tied to certain trees the job began. I was only able to get two shelters up today. Tomorrow two more will go up.
 The donkeys followed me tree to tree while I was standing on the Gator tying each tarp end. I couldn't tell you how many times I had to stop what I was doing and retrieve an item or two those silly donkeys walked off with.
 Arnold decides to be the first to go under one of the shelters.
 Seeing that Arnold made it through okay, Mike followed. Pearl is in the background making sure that the shelter wasn't a donkey eating monster.
Seeing that Arnold and Mike made it just fine, Pearl deemed it safe enough and walked on through.

Now I feel better knowing that there are some type of shelters for the horses and donkeys when the rain starts. They look mighty redneck, but at this point I don't care, so long as they keep everyone dry.

Until next time......................................


  1. They'll probably choose to stand out in the rain anyhow !
    You care deeply about your animals and will go to extreme lengths to offer them comfort.
    I admire you for that !
    Redneck's not all that bad ;)

  2. OMG! My meditiation area is a donkey rain shelter! I do redneck meditiation! ROFLMAO.

    I will have to take a picture to show you, but except that it's on a sort of tent frame, that is the exact method I use to keep ME dry when I am sitting in my area. I have noticed the llamas checking it out, but I think it's too breezy there for them.

    Enjoying the laugh,

  3. THey are just so smart and careful....I love how they follow when one makes it thru ok. There must always be one brave donkey in the mix or they won't do anythng. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey if it works, that's all that matters!

  5. It's not redneck, it's modern art! Think of something ridiculous it's supposed to represent, and charge people lots of money to photograph it. (Make sure you work the donkeys into the symbolism, too!)

  6. I hope the herd appreciates your hard work!

  7. I agree with Flart, be proud of your artwork. Hey whatever it takes for the animals, I'll do.

  8. Now I want to see a pic of all the donkeys under them during the rain! It will be like birds hiding under a leaf:) Funny!

  9. I'm positive your herd is grateful for your thoughtfulness. :D LOL about donkeys walking off with things. It's amazing how many things grow legs around here. ;)

  10. Redneck?! They look like specially designed canopies for donkeys only!
    I just LOVE donkeys.

  11. Great job and great idea! We've had these horrific thunder storms with a lot of wind and almost continuous lightning. Last night I felt so sorry for the cows in the field next door and for the donkeys and other critters at the rescue that didn't get into the shelters they have there. I love your donkeys and they are such smart animals I know they will know what to do when the storm hits.--Inger

  12. I have just discovered a few blogs that have donkeys. Great blog you have. I enjoyed looking through a little. I'll have to come back to see more.


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