Saturday, October 9, 2010

Can you guess the chain of events?

See this cow?

See this grabber thing?

The band aid and antibacterial ointment?

Want to know what happened? For awhile now I have been meaning to get the Breyer cow from off the really high, built in shelf here in the dining room. Remembering that there was one of those grabber things I went out to the barn and got it. Came back in. After several attempts at grabbing the cow I succeeded. Just as I was pulling it off the shelf it slipped and came crashing down. On its way to the floor it bounced off my forehead. No big deal. Realizing it kind of hurt I put my hand where the cow hit, pulled it back and saw lots of blood! Um, that's not good.
         Into the bathroom to see how bad. After cleaning the blood off my face I saw the cut just above my left eyebrow. Crap! It's about an inch long and kind of deep. So, while holding a wet cloth to the cut I began the search for a band aid and some antibiotic ointment. Do you think I could find either? Nope.

        After several minutes of thinking, the light bulb went on and out to the barn I went. Sure enough, in the horse/dog emergency kit there were the items I needed. Back into the house to take care of the cut.

        I do believe I should probably buy some band aids and ointment for humans and keep them in the house. Thankfully I always make sure the animals have up to date medicines, ointments, bandages, etc.... Yup, maybe I should invest in an emergency kit for people! Ha Ha

      Lesson learned about a Breyer cows horns. Might not be real but they can do some damage. :)

      And even though a wound was involved, that cow is now off the shelf! I won!!

      Until next time....................



  1. Ouch! But funny! Our barn is better equipped than our house too!

  2. Glad you survived this. Yeow! That must have hurt! Then again , women are much more stoic about such things. Nonetheless, Missy, make sure you have an emergency kit just for you IN THE HOUSE!
    What is that cow made of? It looks heavy.Breyer cow.....will look it up. Take care.

  3. Ouch.....that hurts just to read it....funny how you take so much better care of the animals than yourself. Should have let the donkeys look after you for know Donkey Therapy is the best.

  4. Those grabber things aren't always that helpful if the thing you grab is heavy. Need a couple stitches?

  5. I have the same problem of trying to find things for human use instead of animal. Luckily, I don't mind sharing with them. Glad your wound isn't mortal.

  6. Thanks for letting us laugh at your misfortune...I think... :)

    I didn't realize that was a Breyer cow--love those animals. I couldn't afford many of them when I was a horse-crazy teen, but I still treasure the four that I did buy. I even made my own tack for them out of yarn and leftover plastic molding, and sewed little saddle blankets for them. I don't think they ever attacked me though, hee hee!

  7. I can see myself doing the same thing, human supplies in the house, but plenty for the critters! So glad you aren't terribly hurt and you won out over that Breyer cow! You are a real trooper!...

  8. Those grabbers should only ever be used for picking up cotton balls.

    It looks like we are all guilty of taking better care of the critters than ourselves.

  9. I have always heard if you mess with bull you will get the horns. I know you would come along my blog but I just want to give you a heads up. I posted a Mattie update today.

    Mattie Update for AJ Oaks

  10. Jeez, Cindy...I'm glad you're ok. That could've been much worse. Are you sure you didn't need stitches? I've heard head wounds bleed profusely - you poor thing. You made me laugh over your well-stocked animal first aid kit - it's so like you to care for your critters better than you care for yourself! lol
    Anyway, take two aspirin and call me in the morning, ok? ha!!! :-)

  11. It's been my experience, those 'grabber' things don't hold onto things very well...
    Especially, heavy things.
    I 'spect it's your belief also by now !
    Hope your wound heals quickly, I'd have to make up a war story or something to tell; a cow falling on my head they'll think you've been smoking the hay ;)

  12. When my lady's older sister used to tease her when they were little, my lady would get her Breyer cow and poke the evil older sister with the horns. Sorry your cow attacked you!

  13. I'm glad you are OK and it is so typical for you to have better supplies for your animals than for yourself. Go and get that people kit. --Inger

  14. But the question is, is the COW alright?? ha Just kidding...although I would have been all torn up if it had been my cow and gotten broken...even with blood dripping everywhere. Hope that you are okay. It's the same way around here. The critter 'medicine' chest is so much better stocked than mine!


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