Friday, October 15, 2010

Answer revealed and winner announced

Today is Friday which means the contest has ended, the answer will be revealed and the winner announced. Setting up the video monitor helped a lot to catch the egg thief but if it wasn't for my favorite chicken, Little Inger, I would never have been alerted as to who the culprit was. I know Little Inger's 'voice' so I know when something is not right just by the way she 'talks'. I was sitting in the living room, heard her 'yelling', looked at the monitor, saw nothing, so quickly went out to the chicken house. When I got out there she was pacing up and down and telling me all about it.

When I walked inside the chicken house I noticed that the hole I had covered up earlier was uncovered again. Hmmmm.

This is a close up of the hole. As I was taking the 'hole' picture I saw an egg in the middle of the house. Hmmmmm. Then what do I see in the corner????????

I see Fred, the resident ground squirrel!!!!  The answer to the chicken thief is Fred, the ground squirrel! Yes, apparently ground squirrels do in fact steal chicken eggs. I have since covered the hole up again, but this time set heavy rocks over it. And guess what? No more eggs are coming up missing!! I can only imagine how many eggs went down that hole! :) Fred scurried out to fast for me to take a pic of him in the chicken house.

You all sent in some great answers. But no one guessed ground squirrel. Well, the next best thing to do was to shake up the papers with your guesses, reach in and grab a winner.

So without further adieu the winner is................................................

Louise at

Congratulations Louise. Please send me your address ( I won't publish your comment with it) and I will send your gift box out to you.

ps--The interview with the prospective landlady did not go well. Let's just say she is, well, let me try to put it nicely, she is rather on the, very uptight side. But that's okay, because thanks to my oldest daughter she found another place for me to go look at tomorrow at noon.

I really enjoy these contests so look for another in the future!

Until next time.............................


  1. I pick apples from my BIL's trees and those that go bad or have too many worms, I throw out in my yard and the groundsquirrels, ravens, gophers, and rabbits get them right away. Today I threw some down in one of their holes by mistake. I hope they were pleasantly surprised and think they live in a very nice place. I didn't know about eggs, though. I will pray for a good outcome for your search for a new home. And, I'm proud of Little Inger.--Inger

  2. A ground squirrel? LOL! He was eating mighty fine for a while, huh?

    Sorry about today, maybe tomorrow will be the ticket! Crossing fingers!

  3. OHHHHH.... wow. a silly ground squirrel. Hmmm wonder where Gracie got her egg from. lol. Great contest!! It was fun... looking forward to more. Good luck fomorrow :)

  4. Oh boy! What a treat! I never win anything! I can't wait to get it.

    I'm sorry that the place didn't work out. But, that just means that your perfect place is waiting out there somewhere.

  5. Ground squirrel is better than a rat. At least you know you have a well-fed healthy squirrel living there. Glad you aren't losing your eggs anymore. Good luck with your next interview.

  6. That's amazing - I never would've thought squirrel!

    Sorry your interview didn't go well... definitely better to know now rather than later though. We'll continue to keep our fingers crossed for you... I just know everything is going to work out for you.

  7. That sly Fred! Good detective work both of you!

    Congrats to Louise too!

    Glad you trust your instincts.Could save you a lot of future headaches.

  8. That was a fun contest! I would have never guessed a ground squirrel.
    I hope the new lead turns out to be the one.


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