Monday, October 18, 2010

Post office employee

Had to go to the post office in town this morning. There is one woman postal employee who I swear if she smiled she would crack her face! I'm not kidding. She is rude, snippy, and sighs with the customers. Thankfully I have only had to go to her window just once and that was enough for me.  If I am the next in line for her, I will have the person behind me go first while I wait for the two really nice employees.

Today I got one of the really nice ones and we laughed and joked. One of these days I might have to ask the rude one what is stuck up her butt that makes her so crabby!! lol :) 

Thanks for the suggestions on the panelling. If we get the place I am going to ask if it is okay to paint over it.

The temps here have been gorgeous. The house is 99% packed up. Oh, and guess who has found another way in to steal the chicken eggs? That Fred is one smart squirrel!!

Louise, your package is on the way!!!

Until next time...................


  1. Ohhhhh, I can't wait to see it! Isn't that funny about the Post Office employee? There is a grocery store check out clerk here who is the same way. Her line is always shorter than the others, (wonder why?) but I never get in it.

  2. She probably hasn't been hugged in a long, long time! I dare you!
    Fred won't be going to your new place that you are going to find out soon about, right? Unless you take him with Your header pic is one of the best anywhere!

  3. Which kitty is that? He looks like he has a ton of personality.

  4. Jim, is that a dare you just gave me? Oh no. You know what that means don't you? I'll take that dare!! I promise the next time I'm at the post office and the witch is there, well, I am going to make that woman smile if I have to stay there all day!!

    Terry, the kitty is Mr. Smith and yes he is full of personality. I bottled fed him 15 years ago.

  5. the cat lives at the Post Office? Can't wait to see the new place.


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