Saturday, August 7, 2010

So that's where it came from!

Yesterday I noticed there is a kind of haze here in the valley. As the day wore on, the haze seemed to get much more noticeable. Pewter has a reddish tint to her. Hmmmm. What in the world is causing this haze. There are no wildfires close by so new it wasn't that. So I started investigating. Didn't take me long to find out..................

that the haze is coming from.....are you ready? It is coming from the over 500 wildfires burning in....Russia!! Seriously. Who would have thought smoke from Russia would ever make it down this way. To the right of the pic you can kind of see the haze, but to the upper left it is normal.

You can see the haze a bit better in this pic. Apparently the smoke caught in the airstream, and made its way to the Pacific Northwest. I thought it was kind of cool, not for those having to go through the wildfires, but the fact that Russia wildfire smoke has come into the Valley here.

I made a few phone calls yesterday about the bat. I was told to just wrap it up without of course touching it and throw it away. Really? Yup, they haven't had any reports of rabid bats so for me not to worry. Well, okay then. Not wanting to take any chances of burying the little bat, I carefully wrapped it up in a soft piece of cloth, inside a bag and set it into the dump trailer.

The little hen that hasn't been feeling well is improving with each passing day.
I am still trying to figure out if Oreo goat really is pregnant. She hasn't had any babies before, she is about 8, maybe 9 now and I really don't know a lot about goats. Thankfully my sister does and she has been guiding me as to what to look for.
Until next time..........................


  1. Amazing about the smoke, scary too though, who knows what the winds will carry? (I'm talking fallout etc from bomb testing)

    I still wonder what killed the bat - die from old age while in flight?

    Glad the little hen is doing better. How long has Oreo looked that way? She sure looks pregnant!

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Pretty scary to have stuff like "haze" from Russia travel that far....but I remember too the effect vulcanos can have for the rest of the world...awesome picture so of the horse with the reddish tint.
    Do you think Orea could have a false pregnancy? I know Coco the goat at the DSC had plenty of those and really she was miserable.- Tina

  3. Glad to hear the hen continues to improve. I love her coloring.
    We were living in Denver when Mt. St. Helens erupted, and we had ash on our car!

  4. Who would have thought that ash in the sky could come all of the way from Russia. It makes a beautiful picture, but I feel very sorry for all of the poor folks suffering over there.

  5. Sharon-- My thoughts exactly when I found out where the smoke was actually coming from. Oreo has looked like this for at least several weeks.

    Tina--Yes, it is possible Oreo is having a false pregnancy.

    Terry--You got some of the Mt. St. Helens there in Colorado!! Wow!!

    Louise--I feel the same way about all the folks living where the fires are. We have had our fair share of wildfires and when the smoke and ash gets really thick it is so hard to breathe. Almost makes me anxious for the animals outside.

  6. From Russia with HAZE? I live a ways up from you in the Mid Willamette, and we've had haze too, but I thought it was mostly from the Eastern Oregon stuff. Enough to rattle Husband into filling our Fire Tank aka The Water Buffalo.

    Don't know much about goats to give other than "keep an eye on her..."


  7. Holy smokes! From Russia? Now that's far!
    Love bats. They eat so many of the mosquitoes. They come back every year. Don't know where they go in the winter. Hibernate, maybe.

  8. Kind of amazing the smoke is traveling all that way. Makes us realize how much it really is a global society.

  9. Well, if the people you talked to weren't worried about the bat, then I guess you shouldn't be either. However, I would definitely keep an eye out for another bat. IF you find one, it is not just one sick or old bat. Hopefully, it was just the one, though.

  10. Oh... and I mis-spoke in the bat blog comment yesterday. It's not 1,000 mosquitoes per day that bats eat -- it is 5,000 mosquitoes per day per bat! I knew that but put a "1" instead of a "5." Obviously, there is a huge difference between the two. Bats are our friends and we need to protect them when we can.

  11. Wow, and you didn't think you lived near Russia. We are all one big family here on this planet!

    I hope Oreo is pregnant. Sad for her to have to go thru all that and not actually be pregnant after all!


  12. Remarkable about the smoke. On the positive side, it should make for some amazing sunsets. So glad that the hen continues to do well!

  13. How interesting -- all the way from Russia. Those must be some fires. So how do they know there are no rabid bats if they don't check those that people find?

  14. Just last year the vulcano in iceland shut down airports all over europe and i remember in 1980 that left a black cloud accross the whole northern part of the us.
    There is nothing that any of us do that doesn't effect someone else someplace down the line.


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