Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another Save

Earlier as I was sitting here listing on EBay what do I hear? A critter in distress. Stopped what I was doing, walked outside, located the sound and realized how quickly I can move!
What do you suppose is in the box?
It's a baby wild bird. Well, should say, "was" in the box. I had to argue with two cats who were determined to have this fella for breakfast. As soon as I grabbed one cat who was stalking the bird, the second cat would come around from the other side. One cat got the bird, so grabbed the cat and with a quick shake the cat let go only to have the other cat grab it. So, grab that cat, a few more quick shakes, bird gets away and hides behind a planter. Now there are two cats on either side of the planter wanting the bird. Um, what the heck am I going to do now!

Okay, grab one cat with right hand, use left foot to push the second cat away and swoop in and get the bird with left hand. Haha, I have the bird now kitties!!!!

So, put bird into box into bathroom. Several hours go by, time to check on the bird only to have it fly out of the box! Okee dokee, bird is fine. Bird flies all over the bathroom. Lands a few times, take some pics. Attempt to grab bird without over stressing it.

Bird flies up and over the shower doors and lands in the tub. Then flies into plastic cap. Hmmmm, good time to try to catch bird while it can't fly forward.

Success!!! Sorry picture quality is so poor. Couldn't focus very well.

Now that the baby bird is okay, out we went to a nice tall Oak tree. After a few seconds of realizing it was free, off it flew.

Hen is still improving. Oreo is the same. The haze from the Russia fires is better.

Until next time.....................


  1. That poor little bird! (Poor cats too - just their nature to want it) Glad you caught the bird and set it free!

    Glad the haze is improving. Can you smell it?

    Oreo... Have you felt her belly to see if it felt like anything was in there besides her guts? I had an Australian Terrier once, that had a false pregnancy, she got milk and everything, but her belly felt soft and mushy.

    Keep us in the loop, please.

  2. Gee, when you get determined, you succeed eh? Good for the bird....better luck next time kitties!
    Is that miss M.M. I see? Had a major crush on her when i was a kid.....before I knew any better!

  3. Your header is an unexpected refreshing. I didn't know the Russia fires would make it across the Pacific...dumb thinking on my part...when I lived in Vancouver B.C. during My St Helen's explosion I remember seeing the effects in the skiies for days and weeks.

    The stone wall behind Jim at the beach is a popular way to try and fool Mother Nature and the tide on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. These walls are everywhere if you have the $ to spend. That particular cottage happens to be for rent if your interested. It's called High Tide Cottage. This is so secluded and special, just for you!

  4. I'm glad the ending was better for the bird than it was for the bat! :-)
    I do so hope Oreo gets better...

  5. Oh, the adventures you have. I'm so glad you managed to beat the cats to the bird.

  6. It's amazing how strong that cat instinct is, isn't it? Any idea what kind of bird it was? It had pretty tail feathers...

  7. Awww, I'm so happy you saved the wee bird. I can just imagine the scene trying to stop 2 cats from grabbing it, lol!

  8. is that a little wren of some kind? I'm glad that you were able to save it. Poor thing, but, you can't fault the cats. They're just doing what their instinct tells them to do.

    By the way, do you still have that goat, Betsy, I think her name is?

  9. Good save! I could sure relate (and laugh since it wasn't me) to your gyrations to try and save the bird and keep the cats at bay. Again I'm always glad I have no close neighbors. The little bird looks like some variety of wren.


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