Thursday, August 26, 2010

Almost a year since.................

I just realized that it is coming up on a year since we brought Squirrel home. Poor little thing had an eye infection, ear mites , infested with fleas and was pretty skinny.
Feeling good enough to play.

Looking a little better.

Almost an adult.

This pic was taken this morning. My goodness she has grown into a little Diva! When one of us walks by her and we tell her how pretty she is, she always meows to let us know that yes, she is pretty. Squirrel is pretty much allowed to do what she wants. Only because she really is a good girl. Her right eye still gets kind of icky now and then, but with a few days of medicine she is all better.
The packing is coming along pretty good. I have a method that when I pick something up I decide right then and there whether to keep it or get rid of it. No looking back.
This weekend is the big moving/yard sale. Still no place to move yet, but I am certain something will come along when it is suppose to. The word is out among everyone I know what we need.
Early next week a very nice lady is coming over to bring Patti Cake ( mini mule) home with her. Next weekend two of my friends donkeys who have been here for quite awhile will be leaving to a new home.
Okay, time to get back to packing and getting ready for the yard sale.
Until next time................


  1. I keep waiting for the post title - FOUND THE PERFECT FOREVER HOME FOR ME AND MY ANIMALS. I'll keep watching for it.

  2. I'm glad you found a home for Patti Cake. Please let me know where the two donkeys are going. Now Squirrel is adorable. Please tell her that I think so too. Sending lots of love and hugs to you my dear friend.--Inger

  3. Squirrel has indeed gown into quite the Diva!

    Sounds like the packing and sorting is coming right along. That's the way to do the sorting - when we moved, other people were shoving just everything and anything into boxes and bringing it here. I still have boxes in the attic that need sorting, I think after all this time, the only thing I would want was a keepsake and haul the rest to the dump.

    Wishing you great luck on your moving/garage sale!!!

  4. In my own small way, I can sympathize. I have been going through closets for the past couple of days, getting rid of most of my good go to work clothes, and lots of stuff that I saved because "I can wear that again when I lose some weight." Heck, at the rate I'm going that will be never.

    Squirrel is indeed beautiful, and deserves all the worship that she receives. I'm glad that some of your critters are going to new homes, and am as sure as you are that the right home for you and the rest will turn up when the time is right.

    Will Betsy be going back home?

  5. Squirrel! You cutie! I love cats that 'talk back' to you.
    Good luck this weekend and hope you get a call soon about the perfect spot for you all to move into.

  6. Squirrel is really cute. Glad your packing is going well, still hope you get exactly what you need for you and all your animals. Glad the mule has a home and some of your donkeys will be well taken care off. I am sure you will miss them all. I still always remember that picture you posted once with the donks looking into your house thru the front door and the cats looking out..that was just a sight for sore eyes.

  7. hi there, i haven't blogged regularily and i have missed something...i am assuming you were renting? so sorry you have to leave...your baby is so sweet. reminds me of my bridget that i found a year ago on august 14th...mine is totally spoiled and puts her strong little paw against my jaw when she is tired of mama giving her kisses! best of luck to you!!!!

  8. Well, Squirrel sure found the right home! She looked pretty pitiful a year ago, and she's a health, pretty girl now. Well done, AJ.
    I hope the weekend goes great. Take care of yourself too.

  9. sh'es like a white albert!
    they getunder your skin dont they?

  10. That is quite an amazing change in your little squirrel. She is beautiful! I will be rooting for the perfect place to find you.

  11. I'm so glad that Squirrel found her perfect home with you---where she has had the chance to grow up and be the lovely little diva she is! Take care of yourself.

  12. How's it going AJ?
    Any closer to getting settled in somewhere? Take care.
    Jim,Ron and Sophie

  13. I have an award, The Butterfly Award, for you at my blog. Hope you stop by to pick it up.

  14. I sure hope the sale this weekend was very successful. As always, you all are in my thoughts & prayers for the 'perfect' place.


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