Monday, August 9, 2010

Donkeys and bread

Thought you might get a kick out of watching the donkeys come running as soon as I start rattling the bread wrappers. Donkeys adore bread.

Second video is after they have eaten all the bread. It was hard to video and throw bread at the same time.

Betsy goat is still here! Haven't even seen the neighbor other than when I see his truck when he gets home from work. Well, I guess he isn't too worried about taking Betsy home. Oh well, that's okay with me.

I have no idea what kind of bird the one in yesterday's blog is. My guess is some kind of Swallow. Going to have to find out now!

As I'm sure you have already noticed I changed the pic of the header. That pic was taken out in the back pasture last winter.

Until next time.....................


  1. Hee hee - Looks like our farm feeding frenzy when my lady brings down anything in plastic bags.

  2. Ouch, how I miss the donkeys! I will come back and play this over again and again.--Inger

  3. That picture is very cooling.

    I thought the bird was a wren, I suppose I will look for the bird book....

  4. Too cute! Which donkey is the darkest one? He's pretty fiesty.

  5. The first thing I noticed was the snow in your picture! You did the snow dance and it worked!!! Then I read you said it was from last winter. Oh, ok, no snow yet! But it does feel cooler when I look at your blog now!!

    Love your donkeys, they are too cute and fat! At least that one light-faced one is - is she pregnant? She's adorable.


  6. Love the videos. Had to laugh the other day when I saw your header picture.....your way of trying to stay cool? lol Hope it helps you some.

  7. The new header photo is so cool. :) Pardon the pun.

    Ha... when I rattle bread wrappers around here, Whisky (the dog) comes running from three states away.

    Please give all of your donks hugs from us at Morning Bray!

  8. Can't watch your videos on this computer I'm on...but I wanted to say, I suspect your bird might be a Carolina wren. They are cheeky little birds; we've had several nest in our houseplants. I like 'em!

  9. Love the videos. The sheep come a runnin' and a screamin' when they hear any kind of plastic bag rustling. They love bread treats. Who is the fire cracker dark donkey that obviously thinks all the bread belongs to it? :-)


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