Saturday, August 21, 2010

Onward and Upward! To New Beginnings.

Well, life has taken some changes.
After months and months of working with the bank to get a home loan modification, well, they won. Which means it's time to move on. I have been finding temporary homes for the animals until I can find a place that will accept them. And let me tell you, finding a place to rent that will accept them is darned near impossible.
Thank goodness for friends and family.
I have been busy going through stuff to either keep, put in the upcoming yard sale or donate to Goodwill. The house is already beginning to look empty.
Am I angry and depressed about it? Well, irritated with the lender for not working better at it. Depressed? Could be, but I am a positive person so am looking at this situation with a positive outlook.
When one door closes another opens. Maybe this is the universe's way of telling me it is time to move on because bigger and better things are awaiting.
My first priority are the animals. So long as they have places to go to where they will be safe it will make this transition easier.
I will find a place to rent that will accept animals so we can all be together again.
Also my youngest daughter is moving to the dorm at the end of September and have to get her settled.
In the meantime I will be busy dong what needs to be done. I will try to catch up on everyone's blogs when I have a few minutes here and there.
Onwards and upwards! To new beginnings!!
Until next time.................


  1. Wow I am a little bit lost for words at this moment. Can't even beginn to imagine you without all your beloved animals for the time being. :(

  2. To new beginnings! It will be all right in the end, it's just getting there that has the bumps. The best of luck and we'll talk with you soon, I hope!


  3. oh AJ how awful!
    I am so sorry
    thinking about you and send my love and best wishes......


  4. That stinks. I hope it all works out for the good, and without too much stress.


  5. Sending good thoughts your way. Love, Inger

  6. Oh no! I'm so sorry! You do so good taking care of so many animals, but sometimes it's hard to see who's taking care of you?! It will work out, we just see the little picture, but there's so much out good there! You've got a great attitude, bless you! Keep us posted on what's going on when you can! Take care!

  7. I so wish that I lived closer to help you little sis. Your positive attitude always makes me proud of you. Love you..

  8. What a shame. I hope you find your dream come true tucked into a silver lining. Blessings.

  9. I'm so sorry! I do hope that everything finds a way to work itself out!

  10. Oh my. I can't even imagine what you are coping with. Placing all the animals safely would be very hard. I hope that things fall into place quickly and that you find a place so you can all be reunited quickly. If you lived closer there might be room (temporarily! ha) for a donk or two. My heart goes out to you and your attitude is amazing.

  11. AJ, so sorry to hear all this! I hope your good attitude about this will sustain you till all gets settled. Any 'animal welfare' groups that could give you a hand? You do such good work with these critters that surely someone there has noticed. Our (Ron, Sophie and me Jim) thoughts will be very positive and headed in your direction.

  12. I'm sorry...I too have some hurdles to vault and I understand your situation. I also think that some things work out for the best too though, so keep that positive outlook and I just bet all will work out even better! I pulling for you!! Hang in there!!

  13. As you already know: my thoughts & prayers are with you and your entire family. You will not only persevere but you will shine from overcoming these obstacles. Great things are in store for you. Hang in there... and, keep the faith! Much Love.

  14. Wishing I lived close enough to run over there and give you a big hug. Please let me know if there's anything I can do. I'm so sorry about all this, Cindy - I'm thinking of you all.

  15. so sorry to hear this news! My thoughts and prayers for a very positive outcome will be with you as you face this journey.


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