Monday, August 23, 2010

Packing, Boxes and Cats

The past few days I have been packing what I want to keep. Putting stuff into boxes for the upcoming yard sale and what's going to be donated to Goodwill. Today I tackled the bookshelves. It came down to having to choose what books to part with and which ones I just can't let go. So far it's only nine boxes of books I am keeping. Yes, yes, I love books. After coming in from locking up my chickens this evening, I walked into the family room where as you can see are stacked boxes ( yes the boxes with the books) and saw the cats surrounding them. Can you count how many cats are in the above picture?
Counting the cats in this picture is a bit harder.
In between packing, taking care of the animals, I am frantically trying to find a place to rent with property so I won't have to put the animals in temporary homes ( which I have been lining up). Having them not with me where I can watch them and care for them will drive my OCD into overdrive.
Okay, enough of that stress.
The answer to how many cats in the first picture is 6.
There are 7 cats in picture number two. The seventh cat is black and is on the cedar chest in the corner by the lamp.
If I remember right, if you double click on the pictures they will enlarge.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day/evening.
I am trying to catch up on all your blogs.
Until next time...................


  1. You must be very tired. Just make sure that, in all of this moving stuff, you take care of yourself. Isn't going to do the animals any good if you get sick.

  2. My last move was nearly five years ago and I swore I would never move again, but now I am ready for town. Sorting everything is a hard job, some things are useless, but have sentimental value etc. I don't think I could part with any of my books. (Even if I can't read them right now)

    I hope you can find a place where you can keep all the animals. There has to be one somewhere! I hope you find it soon!

    Take care now!


  3. You are going through so much right now. Stay strong! Hugs!

  4. Seven boxes of books! AJ you do like to read. I know it is difficult to part with certain ones.
    You have beautiful cats. I haven't had one in 5 years...before that I've always had one. Time? do you think?
    Hope this finds you 'on track' and that you get that perfect place for all of you.

  5. Your cats are beautiful.
    Wish I could help somehow.

  6. Glad you have so many helpers lol....what an upheaval to your life. Wish I was closer to help. And I so hope you find a place so you can keep all your animals together. -Tina

  7. The cats are always a great 'help' aren't they? :-) Books would be one of my big things to pack up too, if I had to. I have so many, and it would be hard to part with most of them. You are in my thought and prayers. I hope for your sake and the sake of the animals you can find a home quickly so you can remain together.

  8. You are in my thoughts and prayers too and so are all your critters, of course. I wish I could help somehow too and that I lived closer. Love, Inger

  9. Oh, my. That's a lot of books and a lot of cats!
    We finally finished our move in March. I'm still unpacking things. I also come across things that I wonder why I even bothered to pack them and cart them across country.
    Our family also loves books and we have a ton of them. It was hard to weed through them.
    I admire the way you are doing a bit at a time.
    Good luck with house hunting. Someone out there ought to have a place!

  10. Only nine boxes? Hon, I feel your pain.

    I never commented on your last post, but I've been thinking of you. I would be too stressed to blog, in your position. I, too, wish I could help somehow. What's your deadline to move out??

  11. You're moving? Oh my. I feel you're pain.... Looks like the kitties are taking a break though. lol. Love the post.

  12. Goodness, that is a lot of work. Every once in a while, I have to go through and clean out the book shelves. It's amazing how quickly they accumulate. Sometimes it's good to clear out the old to make way for the new.


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