Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy, Friend,Dreams

Wow, it's been awhile since I've blogged. Time really does have a way of flying by.

Last week I was busy raking both back and front pastures. Which means pulling the arena rake with the Gator over both pastures spreading the piles of poo. And while I was doing that there was fencing to check and repair if necessary, picking up anything that doesn't belong in the pasture, begining to winterize, etc...

Also it was still tackling the totes and boxes in the barn. Geez where does all that stuff come from? I swear it multiplies.

Wednesday my dear 'old' friend called and said she was coming up here to Oregon on Friday. It was her first trip up here and talk about happy and excited to see her. This is the funny part. Rachael and I have never met in person, but through emails and phone calls, we have become fast, forever friends. So actually meeting her was really the cats meow!
Here is Rachael ( left) and myself ( right). Rachael is very photogenic whereas I am not ( really I already know I'm not. It's not a secret).

Rachael and I have been putting our heads together for about two years now on starting an Education and Sanctuary Facility. While she was here we went and looked at a piece of fabulous property. Now all we have to do is come up with the dollars to purchase the property. It's in the cards that our endeavour/dream will come to fruitation.

Please take a look at her blog at

While Rachael was here Mr. Smith started sneezing very bad. Bad enough where droplets of blood were coming up. Thank goodness my oldest daughter is a vet tech and she came over to take a look at him. Mr. Smith is older and needless to say I was very worried about him. After a few minutes of examining him, my daughter found out what the problem was. My first thought was a foxtail. Nope. It turned out he had somehow sucked up his nose an almost three inch blade of grass!! After pulling it out, Mr. Smith is back to his old self of being ornery and demanding.

While Rachael was here she received a phone call from a mutual friend Jan that another very dear mutual friend of ours had to put her sweet Princess to sleep. Many of my followers here know Inger over at Desert Canyon Living
Inger, our hearts and thoughts are with you at this time to help relieve the pain you are going through of losing your beloved Princess. Sleep well Princess and we will see you on the other side.

There has been so much more going on but I promise not to bore you all with it!

I now must catch up on all your blogs to see what has been going on with you. I have really missed you all!

Until next time..........................


  1. Wow, busy busy busy. So glad you got to meet your friend in person, isn't it amazing how like minded people can bond over the internet and then turn online friendships into real life long friendships. That is so great and neat. I am glad you had a great time.
    Glad Mr. Smith is doing fine too...his pictures always crack me up, he looks so cranky like he just wants to say...leave me alone...too cute.

  2. First of all - you are NEVER boring.

    So great that your friend came for a visit and you have plans together! I hope that all works out!

    Poor Mr. Smith! Our Yoda (long gone) used to eat grass and had it end up coming out her nose - several times. It's weird pulling something that long out od a cat's nose!

    You sure have been busy! So much to do this time of year! We'll see you next time!

  3. Poor Mr. Smith, a long blade of grass up his nose. I absolutely adore big orange tabbies, especially the ornery and demanding types.

  4. Wow, a new spread! That is exciting! Does that mean you would from from your current location, or just have additional land for animals?

    I guess Mr. Smith is definitely a domestic cat! Can you imagine a tiger snuffing grass up his nose? Ah, pets...

  5. Is this the Rachael who has the reptile sanctuary? What an extraordinary person she is. You two would make a great team and I really hope that your plan to start a sanctuary together works out.

    I always have to laugh at Mr. Smith. Imagine getting a three inch blade of grass up your nose! I'm glad he's ok. Love seeing his cantankerous face on your blog.

  6. How in the world do you suck up a blade of grass? My, my!!

  7. Thank you for mentioning my Princess. I'm crying now again. But how great that Rachael came to visit and she got to see that fabulous place for her sanctuary. I wish you guys could get a 501 (c) started before the land was bought. I'm glad Mr. Smith is fine again. Oh, and Little Inger was sooo cute in that picture.--Inger

  8. Yours is one of those blogs that I really look forward to, so I was glad to see the post. I think both you and Rachael look great, and I hope your plans for a sactuary become reality.

  9. Wow...that is a big and exciting plan for the future. I sure hope it works out as I'm sure you would be excellent at it. I'm so glad Mr. Smith's 'ailment' was easily fixed. I once had a lovely Himalayan that did the same thing, only it was a blade of hay. Had her to the vet and on antibiotics too and she still kept sneezing out gunk. One day I noticed a bit of hay stuck to her nose and pulled it 'off'...and out came this three inch long blade. Ugh. But she immediately felt better and it cleared right up!

  10. So great that you two got to meet in person! I hope your idea comes to fruition. Also, glad you found out what was wrong with Mr. Smith.

  11. Poor kitty with the grass up the nose ~ so glad everything was OK.

    xo Catherine

  12. I've been away too AJ and are the cat's meow so...nix the 'who's prettier thingy'...hear me...Tell Mr. Smith not to sniff the grass too hard unless it's 'WEED'(hear me). I eat it all the time...loves my chlorophyll.

  13. I was actually getting worried about you because you hadn't posted in a while! Glad all is well!

  14. It was my pleasure to come up and finally meet you and your family in person! We got some big plans ahead of us:)


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