Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What goes around.......

For the past three days I have been pondering whether to blog about this or not. Well, you guessed it. I am. Mainly to get it off my chest.
On Friday we received a registered letter from the county telling us that someone complained that there were too many animals here! We have lived here since 2004 and no one has ever complained. When I started rescuing larger animals I cleared it with Animal Control. No problem. But now the planning department says otherwise.
A few of the donkeys that are here belong to some dear friends. She had a stroke two years ago and so brought their donkeys here. Her and her husband come out and visit their donkeys which is great therapy for her. They love their donkeys so much, but cannot have them at home until she gets better. I don't even want to think of the possibly of losing her donkeys will do to her.

Yes, according to county ordinances we are a few large animals over the limit. All of the animals here both large and small are well fed, up to date on vaccinations, wormed regularly, vet out when needed, hooves trimmed, etc,..
After I call my dear friends and let them know of the letter, I am going to contact the gentleman at the county and go from there.

I have no clue as to who complained or why. At first I was angry as all hell, but after a few days of contemplating, there is no reason to be mad at whomever complained. The way I see it is this....... If they weren't 'man' enough to come talk to us first, then they have something to hide themselves. So I hope that they have all their ducks in a row because karma can be a bit#$. I won't or have any desire to use anymore energy wishing ill thoughts on the person. I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around three fold.
Personally I don't care what other people do on their own property. Well, okay, other than if they are abusers both to animals and humans.
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  1. Oh no! Some people just don't understand the good things other do, they are either so jealous or have nothing better to do in their life than to meddle in other's lives. How sad! I hope you encounter compassionate people in your battle with them. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Good luck! My thoughts are with you as you face this uphill battle. Keep fighting the good fights.

  2. What a kick in the teeth. Hopefully, the powers that be will be reasonable and grant you a variance. But, you're right not to waste time stewing about who did what. And, you're also right that they'll get theirs, eventually. Good luck with the county and please keep us updated.

  3. Isn't there distances between the houses and farms where you live? I mean how could you possibly disturb anyone? So this must be just spite. Now I'm mad!! Really mad, so I will try to calm down and follow your lead. And know for sure that what goes around comes around. -- inger

  4. Good luck with the Planning Dept. Hopefully they will be reasonable and realize what good work you are doing for these rescued animals.
    Get lots of sleep before the meeting and keep your head about have done nothing wrong.
    As far as the `complainer` goes, don`t take on all that will do you no good at all. Good luck!

  5. I would write up a flyer about your animals and post it on every door on your block. I'd put my phone number and email on it and say "ask me anything", "come meet the animals and see how clean the place is" and basically challenge them to see the joint.


  6. It's a shame when people feel the need to control others' actions. Unfortunately, I have the same kind of neighbors that would rather call the weed commissioner than ask to see if they can help. With all the great things you are doing, karma will reward you one way or another, no matter the outcome of this letter.

  7. Oh dear, I'm so sorry. It seems so odd to me that someone would complain when your animals are all clearly extremely well cared for.
    You mention karma - well, I believe it's on your side. You have records that show the regular feedings, vet care, wormings, etc., that your critters get - any inspector would be crazy to tell you to change things.

    And you are an angel for caring for those beloved donks for your friends.

  8. Maybe a plate of homemade cookies when you see the powers that be? Heh.

    I am so sorry about this. Knowing what some of the county stuff is like in THIS part of Oregon, I can only hope you fair a bit more happily. But, then, I tend to be a stubborn, um. Well...

    (PS, sending you good thoughts and best wishes on the outcome...)

  9. Look for a loop hole. Maybe there is a way with your friends animals that you could "board" them or something.
    I know its illegal to sell raw milk here, but farmers will offer shares of animals, so a group of people own the animal and therefore they can get the raw milk, not buying the milk, but rather owning the animal.
    Good luck
    I enjoy hearing about your animals and would hate to see them split up.

  10. How upsetting. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hoping all turns out well.

  11. So sorry to hear about this. My guess is it is someone who moved 'to the country' and now can't abide the noise and smell of animals (even well cared for animals). It happens so often out here--although we have no zoning in our county so they are tough out of luck. My heart goes out to you though. It's obvious your animals are well cared for and loved. I would try and find out what the regulations are for your area, go in 'armed' with knowledge, and see if there is a way around it. As hard as it is, try and present a willing, positive attitude. I'm with someone that also mentioned the vet/feed records or anything that shows the care that goes into them. Take that with you if you go in. Also nice photos of the animals, and your property wouldn't hurt. I don't think anyone that has complained is going to 'retract' it even if they see how well cared for they are. Basically they just don't care and haven't the heart for animals, so it's not going to 'speak' to them. It's so sad that this might jeopardize your friends health and add mental anguish to her recovery as well. Keep us posted and I pray all goes in your favor!

  12. I'm sorry this happened to you. I hope everything works out.

  13. I was going to say what Tammy did, but that would be redundant. I hope these people have their hearts "moved" by what you can show & tell them.


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