Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I believe in.....

Razzberry Corner asked me if I believe in ghosts. Yes. No doubt about it. Throughout my life I have had so many experiences pertaining to them. Even when I was a baby I was told that I could see and interact with them. The pic below is one I found on the internet. Sometimes I can actually see them, but most of the time I just know. They do not frighten me, although there was one time that I actually had had enough and moved from a house. It was an old 1920's house. In the beginning I knew that the old lady who had lived there for many years ( she had passed away some years ago before I bought the house) was still there. She loved the kitchen and was always, well, cooking or baking. A very gentle spirit.

But, as a few years went by a more darker presence came around. I tried to get rid of it, but nothing seemed to work. Then one day I came home from work, it was still light out, my daughters were at a friends house, so no one was in the house except for my dog. As I walked inside from the back part of the house down the hallway I stopped halfway because there was a small shadow figure standing there staring at me from the living room area ( you could see from the hallway to the living room). The next thing I knew that shadow figure zipped to the left towards the other end of the living room. Thinking someone was in the house I took off after it, but there was no one. And my dog was visibly frightened under the kitchen table. He was never frightened with the old lady spirit. He would follow her around as if she belonged to this world.

Well, that was the end of that. My kids, dog and myself moved out that weekend. Put the place on the market and that was that. That old house has since been torn down. I have no idea who or what that shadow figure was.

That is just one of the many incidences I have had.

I know, a lot of people do not believe in the spirit world. So, I apologize to the readers who are offended by this post and hope not to lose you as followers.

This was taken yesterday afternoon. After the craziness of the animals here this is what I wanted to do to. Honey Dog was sound asleep.

Ah, to live her life!

Until next time..................................


  1. I believe that some people can see more than I do, are more perceptive ..... and animals are certainly one of those creatures.

    Oh yeah... to have the lives our pets have... what a celebration of life!

  2. Totally believe, but haven't had many expereinces. My close friend like you has had many!

  3. After hanging out in cemeteries to do genealogy research, I am truly a believer and have had some interesting experiences. I just love the dog pictures. I agree that would be the best way to spend an afternoon.

  4. Love those pictures of Honey Dog! :)

  5. I've never seen a ghost, but I've felt a presence.

    Honey Dog looks like a character.

  6. That Honey Dog has it made. I have never seen a ghost, but I have seen some things that just can't be explained. The house I grew up in was my grandmothers who died when I was very young. She always seemed to wander around moving things. To this day me or my sisters will not go in the house after dark, which is now empty. When you would pull in the drive in the evenings, the curtains would be pulled back in the upstairs window. Then you would see them shut. My mom always said she's not going to hurt you, but she sure would scare the heck out of us. LOL

  7. Hi! Ghosts, huh? Well..... maybe. Something else is "out there". I have never seen one of a person. I have been scared in a few times by having things moved that shouldn't have. Comforted by smells that really weren't there.

    Honey looks very relaxed!

  8. I believe too! I wish I were more sensitive like you. I love Honey Dog too!

  9. I believe but have never had an experience.....

    although I have had a spooky experience when walking the dogs at night when all four dogs stopped dead to "look" at something at my eye level.. but nothing was there!!!!

  10. Ghosts.. yep, they exist. During an early morning jog several years ago, I came upon a Hispanic man sleeping in the driver's seat of his car parked in front of his house on the street. I assumed he had gotten into a fight with his wife and was kicked out for the night. As I got closer, I looked down for a split second at the uneven pavement I was running on, and then I looked back (which was just about the time that I was next to the vehicle). As I looked back into the car, there was no one there. I realized he was a ghost, and it made me smile because he allowed me the honor of seeing him. I thought it was very cool.


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