Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are you.........

For some reason earlier today the word superstitious popped into my head. And I giggled. Yup, there are a few things I am superstitious about.
As long as I can remember there is something that never, ever goes on any table.
Or on any chair.

And that would be shoes! My Grandmother told me when I was little that if you put shoes of any kind on a table or chair it would bring bad luck. To this day if someone sets shoes on a table or a chair I remove the shoes asap. Yes, I've done it at friends/relatives houses!

This may sound morbid or weird or strange, but I like going to really old cemeteries and looking at the craftsmanship of the headstones/markers as well as the dates. They all tell a story. Anyway, whenever I go to one, I always carry a small container of salt with me. That way a spirit won't follow me home!
So, do you have any superstitions?
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  1. A ton! Knocking on wood is a big one for me. And don't get me near a ladder.

  2. Mine isn't shoes, it's an open umbrella in the house. Husband brought one in to dry, and I chewed him out completely, until he took and closed it. BAH! I also tend to throw a pinch of salt over my left shoulder when I spill some. Superstitious, no, not me! HA!!!


  3. No, nothing I can think of now. I love to go check out the old cemeteries, some of the headstones are so beautiful. I never heard about the salt thing and going there!

  4. I'm not sure I have superstitions, but I love visiting cemeteries. I agree about the workmanship. They have so much symbolism also that they really can tell a story.

  5. Im like you about the shoes, as for the salt, I have a small packet in the very back of the pantry. If you run out of salt you run out of prosperity. So I make sure I never run out as no one knows about my little stash and it never gets used.

  6. I never heard about carrying a small container of salt with you when you visit a cemetery. I do knock wood and I never step on a crack in the sidewalk. So, I guess, yes, I am superstitious.

  7. thank you for your kind birthday gift
    I was very touched

  8. Hmmm... do I have any superstitions? Routines galore yes, but no, I don't think any true superstitions. You've got me thinking now though!

  9. I don't think I'm superstirious, sorry!

    BUT, I just LOVE cemetaries! I think I've visited every cemetary in this area. If we drive by a cemetary I didn't know about my husband groans, he knows we will have to stop. If we are in a hurry, he knows that we'll have to go that way again later to visit the cemetary when we have more time. I think it's interesting to read gravestones. Back in the 1800's they used a particular way of saying things on graves, and I always look for certain sayings from certain years. I almost can tell the date a gravestone was made by the way they wrote on it, by what they say, if they write anything about the person, that is. We even have a cemetary on our property; I love it!

    Now, do you believe in ghosts??


  10. Oh yes, I have a few. Funny you should mention this.....a friend was just here and we were talking about these things. Mostly bird related......the morning Ron's Mom passed away, there was a single crow perched on a branch just outside the window in which she died....the old saying, One crow sorrow, two crows joy etc. came to mind immediately.
    Also, the morning a friend of ours passed a bird was tapping on one of the windows. Five minutes later the phone rang to tell us of our friend's passing.
    So, I guess I am superstitious. I believe there is a lot that we humans are not yet aware of.

  11. My husband is from New Orleans and he told me they sprinkle salt around mean people to get them out of their lives. Oh, I just thought of someone I should have done that to (Initials MM -- but he left aneway, so no need)

  12. I have a few myself. Don't rock an empty rocker, bad luck. Don't ever do anything you don't want done to you, karma will get ya!

  13. Not really, but I know my son's girlfriend has plenty a few....e.g. never to sit a purse on the floor.

  14. Nope. Not superstitious. I adore old cemeteries, though. Even when we travel overseas, we always go to the cemeteries in many of the cities we visit. They are fascinating.

    I do, however, worry each and every single time I cross a really high bridge that it's going to fall down just as I reach the center of it. LOL
    Maybe if I threw some salt over my shoulder and knocked on a piece of wood I would feel less vulnerable? :-)

  15. LOL to Canyon Girl!!! We could all sprinkle salt around pictures of MM and see what effect that has!

  16. Yep I have a few...salt over shoulder is spilled on table, don't change a horses's name, karma...and others.


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