Thursday, June 17, 2010

Someone who needs a bath!

Today has been just a downright beautiful day. Brilliant blue sky. Perfect temps. Just a nice enjoyable day. Went to town this morning. Got home and cleaned the chicken house . Turned three of the donkeys loose in the yard to continue trimming and mowing the grass. Filled up the water tub in the yard for the donkeys. Gave the chickens some leftover vegies. After scrubbing the back pasture water trough, putting the hose in to fill it up with nice cool clean water I was watching the chickens.
There they were doing their thing. Scratching and pecking and eating and chit chatting with one another. Gosh I love those chickens. Never thought chickens would bring such enjoyment, but they really are full of personality. And the hen aprons/saddles are working superbly! The hens backs are growing fluff feathers and they don't seem so scared when Stew Pot wants a quickie.

After filling the back pasture water trough on to the front pasture one. I mentioned to Pewter here that she really is in need of a bath. A serious deep cleaning bath. She tolerates getting bathed, but isn't her favorite thing to do. As you can see she is sticking her tongue out letting me know that the bath idea is not a good idea.

She looks clean enough here doesn't she?

However the other side of her is downright filthy! She rolled in who knows what! Ugh!!! Well, she is off the hook getting a bath until the temps warm up just a bit more.
Time to get back outside to get more chores done.
Until next time.........................


  1. Why is it that the white ones always seem to love dirt more than a dark coloured animal. One of the little mules at the DSC, she is white too, was soaking wet the other day from all the rain and the first thing she did,was take a sand bath afterwards....needless to say she wasn't white and looked like your horse but all over. Same with little Odin, the donkey, as soon as you groomed and cleaned him, first thing he does is roll in the they forget that they are white? lol

  2. She's a gray. It's her duty to get dirty. It's the code of the gray. "If there is one ball of manure in your stall, it is your duty to find it and proceed to smear it over as much of your body as you can."

  3. What a great operation you have going there. And you sound like you really love what you are doing....luck you! Pewter looks like a wonderful horse.....a real character?

  4. We just love all of your children and hearing about them every day! :) Had to chuckle at the "quickie" comment about Stew Pot.


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