Monday, June 21, 2010

Growing up and a surprise in the pasture

A few months ago the wild Egyptian Geese brought their three babies over. The above pic was taken the day they brought their babies over. Just about everyday the parents come over into the back pasture and eat.

Well, today they brought the kids! My goodness how they have grown.

And this morning my youngest daughter informs me that there is a rabbit in the front pasture. Really? A rabbit? Yup, sure enough there was a rabbit by the horse stalls.

I have not a clue where the bunny came from but if he/she is going to hang around, well, I guess I'll have to make sure there is food available.
Hmmmm, wonder what else is going to show up!

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  1. how fun to see nature like this every day! those geese are adorable...and that rabbit looks like someone's pet, it doesn't look like a wild one.
    Good idea to get some food out for it, because if you don't, you may find some surprises in your garden, lol!

  2. How cool is that?!
    Pretty geese, but that's no wild bunny - wonder where he escaped from? Pretty too!

  3. Look how big the Geese are!! How cute! I agree Bunny doesn't look like a wild Bunny. I caught the kids next door pushing their guniea pig through the fence onto our side... Not a wise idea with a very fast dog living here. (Bruce(dog) almost had a possum dinner the other night! He's one fast doggy) But no matter how much i tell them or how LOUD i say it, their parents don't come out to see whats going on!! Where you able to get up close to the Bunny?

  4. Cindy,

    I just have to laugh... it does seem that all the critters in your neck of the woods know where they can get their "bread buttered," so to speak! ;) I love it!

  5. I thought you might enjoy the donkey clip on Shiloh's blog today.

  6. All the animals in your area are picking up on your good energy and kind spirit. Now if we humans could hone in on the good energy vibes in the world.......

  7. I am rapidly becomming a convert to geese...I love my goslings!!!


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