Monday, June 7, 2010

Overnight guest

Yesterday evening I noticed through the kitchen window that the sunset was really pretty. So off outside to take a few pics of it. Sorry, the focus isn't very good. It really was a pretty sunset.
As I was taking pics I noticed that the neighbors horses were running full board in their pasture. The next thing I see is their 2 year old stud colt jumped the fence right into my pasture! Off next door to let them know where their horse is. The owner came out, apologized, came over here to catch his horse, but his horse was having none of it.

To be honest, his stud colt hasn't been worked with much at all so getting a halter on him was, well, not going to happen. By this time it is getting dark so I mentioned to the neighbor to just put his horse in the arena overnight. I sure as heck don't want his stud loose with the jennies ( female donks). Not an option!

Here is his stud colt in my arena this morning. After feeding my herd I hauled water up to him. The neighbor is going to come over after he gets off work and halter his horse to take him back home. Which should be rather entertaining considering the horse is pretty much untouched! He also said he was going to call the vet out to geld him! Hooray!! One less horse to reproduce. And he is going to run a hot wire along the fence line.

Please excuse the look of the arena. With all the rain we have been having I haven't been able to get out there and rake it.

Hope everyone has a great day. There is a lot on the agenda here and I hope to get it all done.
Until next time...........................


  1. Well, he's a nice looking fellow, but, yup, much better gelded. Be sure to have your camera handy when the guy comes to take his horse. You might get some "interesting" pictures.

  2. Great sunset photos! And a good looking colt, that. You must have a huge area...with all the animals living there. Busy, busy, busy.

  3. Very handsome visitor. Hope he doesn't overstay his welcome. lol
    Love the pictures of your sunset. Isn't that alwasys the most amazing sight?

  4. I love the arena. It looks wonderful, raked or not. The horse is beautiful too, but he will be much better off gelded. I hope the neighbor follows through, especially on the wire to keep them in.

  5. Hey, I FINALLY made it to your blog! I think it's been a year since last I checked on you! Great blog entries and pics! Pretty horse. Love all the donk pics. And, you and that egg... well... what can I say: I have the same sense of humor you do. I get great entertainment from my animals, like you. Your bouncing egg made me laugh! Glad to read the whole story with the county. So happy it all has such a happy ending:) Nice to have the county on your side and appreciative of your work. You are doing GREAT work, my friend. Best Wishes!

  6. Beautiful sunset! Wow, there is always something going on there - I can't believe your neighbor's horse actually jumped the fence! Hope you have a great day too.

  7. He is very pretty--will make and excellent GELDING! I never have understood the logic in keeping a young stallion around that has minimal training and/or use. At least it sounds like your neighbor is now going to take steps to take care of this 'neighbor visting' problem before it gets any worse. How did the catching go??


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