Tuesday, June 15, 2010


"Hey, come over here. Want to see something you haven't seen before?"
"Okay, I'll take a look. What is that?"

"Hey I want to look too. What in the world is that out there?"

"Don't be alarmed. It's just me."

We haven't had any raccoons for some time now and was very pleased to see that one is back.
Now that I know the coon ( s) are back, I'll keep an extra special eye on the chickens. The food in the pan is for the outside cats and well, for the coons too.

Yesterday I had writers block really bad and couldn't think of anything remotely interesting to talk about. Unless you wanted to hear about the humdrum daily chores! :)
I almost forgot to let you know where I got the blacklight flashlight. Amazon for about $7.00.
Until next time......................................


  1. I love raccoons, I get all excited when I see one in our backyard. Daily humdrum is fine to blog's part of your life lol....

  2. Do you feed the raccoons or is that food for someone else? You all are brave! Opossums and raccoons - they scare me!

  3. I know they're varmints and I know that they can carry rabies, but, really, who can resist their cute little faces? They come to my bird feeder at dusk, to see if there is anything left. Last year, I had a Mama and her four babies. I hope there are some more babies this year.

  4. We have the occasional raccoon here too. They love to get in to `green carts``. You are so kind to feed them.

  5. Just to let you may think your chores are hum-drum but to those of us, wanting to be in the country, stuck in the city, they're great escapes. Love to see your animals - they're great!

  6. I'm torn on raccoons. They are adorable and so fun to watch, but they want to eat my chickens, and I live in an area with fairly high incidence of rabies. My sister actually had to have shots.

  7. A raccoon wouldn't last a heart beat in our yard - I don't think. Either that or Jill would be one tore up pup!

    Thanks for info on black-light flashlight!


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