Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy Sunday

Yesterday, Sunday, was a busy day. Yesterday morning the well alarm went off saying that the water holding tank was almost empty. Great. That means water has to be delivered. Not a good sign for the summer months. I filled the underground tank with water from the above ground tank. Okay, good, now we have water.

So off to the grocery store to buy food. When I returned, the alarm had gone off again. Upon some investigating it was discovered that one of the donkeys had broke the water line next to the stalls. And the front pasture was, well, wet. So, that is where all the water was going!

Thank goodness a shut off valve was installed by the stalls to turn off the water there. Now that meant the horses and donkeys cannot go into the stalls at night since there is no water now. Okay, so everyone is now in both front and back pastures for awhile. Thank goodness the repairing of the pipe is easy.

As I mentioned before, summer is quickly arriving as you can see by the looks of the back pasture. The green is very sparse. The brown has taken over. And there is no irrigation here. Fire season will be in effect July 1st. Another reason I do not like summer. Too hot and wildfires.

Before much longer Chop is going to be hard to find in the pastures since she is going to blend in quite well!

A quick vent about grocery stores. I am one of those shoppers who pays attention to expiration dates. I started to get a bit ticked off after the fifth or sixth item checking the expiration date. I found too many items that were past the date. Of course I did not purchase those items, but it got me to thinking. Why should I have to check expiration dates at all! Isn't that part of the stores responsibility to make sure the expired items are pulled? I'm not talking about the items that still have a few days left on them, but the ones that are past the date. I mean come on, as a consumer, and one who doesn't like grocery shopping in the first place, I am spending more time in the store checking dates when I shouldn't have to. Oh, and one more thing. What in the world is going on with all the food recalls? Really, what is safe anymore unless you grow it yourself. Okay, I'll leave the food recall for another post. Because I have a lot to say about that!

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  1. I do the same thing! I find so many expired items, and the stores will tell you that it is the manufacturer who stocks the shelves and it's their fault!!

    As for food recalls - corporations want money, so they cut corners. You'd think they'd be cautious, as recalls aren't cheap!

  2. At least your pasture grass isn't two feet tall -- you are so right, I need some long-ears. Good point about the expiration dates. I always forget to check -- one day, an old guy said: "You're just like my wife and don't check the expiration dates," as I was getting some milk out. He sounded mad at me! That cracked me up!

  3. Bad time to run out of water! Good that the pipe is an easy fix.

    Yes, those items with past expiration dates, so many of the stores don't keep track anymore. In the stores here, it's teenagers that stock the shelves and they could care less or are told, to care less.On times when I was in a rush, I have gotten mold on bread, bugs in macaroni, and yuck on the underside of meat that has had a freshness label covered by yet another freshness label. Never shop in haste - but WE should not have to be watchdogs!

  4. What can't you do Missy! Gee, I wish you lived close city-slickers aren't the handiest folk around. Water is a real issue in a lot of places. Luckily here in Nova Scotia (knock on wood) it doesn't present as one....yet.
    Good luck.
    We always check the expiration date....sometimes the stores mess up here too.

  5. thats amazing....I would NEVER have thought that WATER HAS TO BE DELIVERED!!how much can be delivered at once?

  6. When I was out in Las Vegas, something needed to be repaired in my room. As I was chatting with the repairman, he told me that his water bill was $300 a month. That's more than my gas and electric bill is in the dead of winter. And, my water bill, except in the summer when I water the gardens, runs $10 to $15 a month. I guess I'm lucky.

    I'm lucky, too, in my grocery store. I shop at Wegman's, consistently voted one of the top grocery chains in the U.S. I do check expiration dates, so I can be sure to get the one with the farthest out date. But, I have never run into a product that is past its date.

  7. I'm going to guess you were shopping at Rays. I can't tell you how many times I've picked up something only to find the expiration date is past. Not just slightly past either, like months past!

  8. I had those broken water pipe issues after freezing this winter. We have to have the new tank in before this winter. I can't imagine summer meaning dry and not green. Here, we have such lush growth right now I wouldn't have to give food or water either one to the animals--it's all in the pasture naturally.

  9. Bad donkey! Bad!

    Wow, I didn't know it was that dry in southern Oregon. I'm learning a lot reading blogs. Water isn't as big an issue this year for us due to the many snows we had this winter. Maybe that crappy winter we lived through was a good thing after all.

  10. Mmm... I can see why you're not one to like summer without irrigation! Do you end up having to feed a lot more hay or the same amount of hay in the summer months as during the winter due to the lack of pasture? And oh my, yes... I run into the same problem quite often at our local Albertson's with items out of date. It really ticks me off.

  11. Oh my - those naughty donkeys! What a horrible feeling that must give you when you hear that alarm going off and the thought of running out of water enters your head... Glad you've got backups!

    Ewwww...I am SUCH a fanatical product date reader. Can't say I've run in to anything *months* past the eat-by date, though. I would complain. And if I were in *just the right mood*, I might even load up all the ones that are out of date into a cart and push it up front to the manager...with just the sweetest smile on my face. :-) (evil, i know) ha ha


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