Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's in the air and its contagious!

I have no idea what has gotten into the animals here, but whatever it is, it is in the air. This morning Doug, who is strictly and indoor cat, decided he was going to try to run out of any door leading to the outside.
Patti Cake 'forgot' how to go out to the back pasture. The gate was wide open, but yet she couldn't find it.

Houdini played the game of 'try to get me to go where you want me to go because I don't remember'.

Right after I fed the goats their grain, they started running after me looking for their breakfast, forgetting that I had just fed them and the grain was still in the same place I had just put it. So had to walk back and show them where their breakfast was.

Mr. Worm, who is an outdoor cat, decided he wanted to be an indoor cat. He came strolling into the house as I was going out to feed the outside cats. So had to stop, turn around, go get him, explain to him that he isn't an indoor cat.

The chickens are also infected with whatever is in the air. I took out their bowl of goodies, they saw me set the bowl down, and I was walking away I turn around and who is following me. Yup, the chickens wanting their goodies. They had to pass the bowl to get to where I was. Back to where the bowl was and show them.

There are three donkeys who get stalled every night. And every morning they get turned out. This morning even they weren't immune to whatever is in the air. I opened the stall gates and they just couldn't figure out how to come out.

And then Honey Dog all of a sudden had hearing loss when I whistled for her. She always goes with me when I am outside and if I don't see her, I give a quick whistle and she comes running. Well not today. I had to go looking for her and found her inside the chicken house eating chicken poo!
I hope whatever is in the air blows away and they all return to their normal selves.

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  1. Man, it must be in the air, because I had the same kind of morning! Forgot where my breakfast was, where the door was...

  2. It's called "You just think you have us trained." Every once in a while they have to prove that they are really the bosses, and they do it by driving you crazy. They must have conspired really hard last night, though, for it to be that widespread.

  3. Good thing you have so many animals, so you could see the pattern. Right?

  4. Oh my, those days always make it fun to try and get anything done. Hopefully, it blows away with the breeze.

  5. I think they call it 'full moon itis'. ;-) Seriously we are waxing to a full moon this week, and I always notice the animals go a little nutso- (People too, esp. in the workplace!). The kittens in the house usually all get along well, but the week of the full moon they just get pretty rotten. I'm always glad when its over!

  6. I have to be with Louse on this one - I was thinking the exact same thing! As really, there are no coincidences!!

  7. This post really made me laugh! What a day you had...

    and, the chicken poo thing....our dogs have discovered chicken poo and they love it! By the time I run to get the hose to wash away the poo from the patio, a dog has already stepped in and done the job for me. Eeeeewwww!


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