Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Over Night Guest Continues

Well, the over night guest is still here. The owner came over as promised after he got off work to catch his horse. Well, since he is still here you already know he was unsuccessful at putting a halter on. He tried for over an hour with no luck. Then he decided he would just rope him. Okay then.

So he threw the rope, caught him and then the rodeo began! First there were some pull backs, then a rear here and there, and of course some pretty good bucks. The horse was having none of the rope and had no intention of cooperating in any way, shape or form.

Well, then the horse decided to bolt and bolt he did. The rope slid through through the owners hands and yup, some pretty good rope burns. The owner is getting frustrated. Horse is running all over the arena with the rope still around his neck. So the owner tried keeping the horse moving and eventually would tire out. Um, nope.

Another hour goes by. Owner is ready to blow. Horse not giving up. It's pretty dark by this time. I finally tell the owner it's ok to leave the horse and try again tomorrow. Well, the owner comes out of the arena without taking the rope off the horse. Uh, aren't you going to take the rope off for safety reasons. He tells me nope. Leave it on the little s.o.b.. Uh, aren't you worried about what could happen overnight? Nope. He then tells me what I need in my arena is a snubbing post! Really? I haven't ever had to use one, don't believe in them, and that in my humble opinion if training is done softly, with patience and asking, it gets you further and with much better results. He then tells me a story about a horse he had years ago he kept snubbed for over a week ( yes he took water and food to the horse) and that in no time he had the best horse. I made the remark about 'good old boy' training' and he said yes that is what he believes in because it works.

Ok, that's fine. Everyone trains their own way and it is not for me to judge which is best. What works for one person doesn't mean it will work for another.

So, tonight we will see if the overnight guest is still here in the morning or not.

If he is unsuccessful at getting a halter on him tonight I will ask if it is okay if I try tomorrow. With it being someone else's horse it is not my place to go out there and work with his horse without his permission.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Great! All he's succeeded in doing is convincing the horse that halters and ropes are horrible, miserable things. If you work with this horse, please be careful.

    Why the heck don't people start working with their youngsters when they are small enough to be held? That horse should have had a halter on within days of birth.

  2. Hmm... can't wait to hear what happens. I hope you get to work with your guest. Might be a good thing for the current owner to see what a little kindness and patience can do.

  3. Lousie-Exactly! And yes, not to worry, if the owner gives me the go ahead I will be careful.

    Barbara- Snubbing is tieing with a very short lead to an upright pole securely fastened in the ground so the horse cannot move around much. Horse cannot go backwards, sideways or forward other than maybe a few feet. If you have ever seen an old Western where they are 'breaking' horses you will see the cowboy rope a horse and then start wrapping the rope around a pole.

    Morningbray--I hope he lets me. Just to prove to him that the 'gool old boy' way isn't the only way! Yeah, I'm a stinker. :)

  4. Did you take the rope off? I mean that seems intuitively dangerous and, after all, it's your property, but I don't know anything about horses. However, I do hate to see an animal treated harshly -- good ol' boy or no -- and I assure you we have our share of them here in Texas. Ken and Mary of Fancy Fibers Farm

  5. Well I see it as another example of people owning pets or animals and not really equipped to handle them for whatever reason, lack of interest, no time whatever...but who suffers...the animal.

  6. I wonder what would happen if you went out there with some apples and soft words? Has this horse eaten since he got into the arena? (I know you would never let an animal go hungry--can nobody get near him at mealtime?)

  7. Ken and Mary-- 'Somehow' the rope came off. Hmmm, don't know how that happened! :)

    Tina- Yup, I agree. It's all an owning/dominance issue.

    Flartus-- Even though the owner said not to feed him, well, somehow he is getting some meals! Must be those birds flying over! :) I have gone out there quite a bit and talked to him and he really is sweet. He loves his ears scratched and under his chin.

  8. That guy should just give you a chance. The horse has already bullied him and it will probably only get worse. A friend of mine was the same way and anytime he wanted his horse caught he would call me. I was the only one who could catch the horse. I would just whisper in the horses ear, "Let's show this dumb@$$".

  9. Can't wait to hear what happens! I think we have a true Horse Whisperer in our midst.....or should I say Animal Whisperer!

  10. I just hope you can show the "owner" gentleness beats ignorance every time. I avoid using the word owner in reference to an animal.. we don't own our pets, we just have the luck to share our lives with them.

  11. Again...I don't understand the reasoning of keeping a COLT, an ungelded colt at that and giving him no groundwork. Is there a purpose, or reason? This is why there are so many nice horses going to slaughter. No matter how pretty they are or nice tempered, if they have no ground work or training, there isn't much use for them. I hope you get to work with him and get a halter on him!

  12. The horse is HOW old and he can't be haltered? I suggest on my way out to the barn today I drive by your place and we tie the owner to a snubbing post for a week. I don't know about you, but I know how to throw a rope. ;)

    We can toss him a can of beans and a bottle of water to sustain him til the end of the week.

    What time should I stop by? Do I need to bring hobbles?

  13. I hope he lets you try and that it will work. This guy deserves to be put in his place. I hate to think this poor horse has to go "home" with this man.--Inger


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