Thursday, April 8, 2010


Lately I have been going through pictures and organizing them. For today's post I'd like to share just a few of the pics of the wildlife up close that have been taken ove the past few years. When we first moved in, a lone raccoon started coming up to the front door and eating the cat food. He got so used to us that he started sleeping in the hay barn. Then one day I noticed he was bleeding pretty bad from his hip. I think he was shot. He seemed to recover and he was doing good. A few months later I noticed he wasn't around anymore. I found him in the back of the hay barn. He had passed away.
This is a pic of a mama raccoon who would bring her babies up to eat cat food. Surprisingly she was okay with me standing there watching her. Haven't seen her in quite awhile now.

There are a couple of ponds across the road and there are a lot of Canadian geese there. Every now and then they land in our back pasture.

Somehow this pretty little hummingbird got into the sun room. Tried to shoo him out thought the sliding door, but he just wouldn't go. So I grabbed a window washer squeegee, held it up and he landed on it! Surprised the heck out of me. Glad I had the camera with me.

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  1. Cute pics, love the ones of the coons. My sister had one as a pet when we were growing up, we had to end up giving it to a wildlife reserve, she weighed about 45 lbs and was tearing up our house.

  2. It's funny, we used to have raccoons in our backyard in Los Angeles and they would march up and down the street in night. So funny! Here the largest wild critter I saw today was a baby fence lizard. Can the snakes be far behind?!

  3. Love the wildlife pics, Cindy! When we lived in VA Beach about 5 years ago we had a family of tame coons. The wild moma coon who lived in the woods behind our house became friendly with just us (she ate our cat's food) & when she had babies she brought her 5 infants up to us for food. We could pet them all, and named them all. They loved peanut butter (PB) - Once I sat on the back porch steps with an old PB jar & a spoon - I scooped out some PB & handed the spoon to a coon who was sitting on my lap. He grabbed my kitchen spoon & took off running across the yard! When I called him he brought the spoon back to me & I gave him the jar. Then he was mad because he couldn't get his snout in the jar & open his mouth at the same time! The coons always made me laugh - I have so many coon stories! :D We lived there 8 years and had many generations of tame coons who lived in the woods.


  4. I know they're varmints, I know they can carry rabies, but, I think raccoons are the cutest things. If I turn on the lights late at night, I can usually see one under the bird feeder, cleaning up whatever corn or seed has been left behind.

  5. Great photo's! I have a question, Being from the land down under. I've never seen Raccoons before. Not sure if you know of our Possoms, they like to live in our roofs, sheds, eat what they can find etc are they a similar animal? We have a possom that lives around us somewhere during the day and of a night it walks along our powerlines, and along the fence to get into our trees in our yard. Makes a very loud growling noise sometimes, sends Bruce (dog) barking madly at it!

  6. Raccoons...cute as the dickens but deadly to chickens. I'm hearing reports all the time from city chicken owners who have lost their entire flock overnight from a raccoon attack. Please watch out for your sweet flock, Cindy!

  7. What a great set of pictures!!! Raccoons are so darn cute!

  8. I totally agree, raccoon are so cute, I love how they use their little paws like hands. We have the odd raccoon in our backyard, and I just get all excited when I see them.
    As for the Canadian geese, we have a pair that comes every year to the canal across the street, nests there and then in a couple of weeks there will be little ones tagging along with the parents. So much fun to watch.

  9. I'm with Louise on the raccoons... so cute! I didn't know that they could be deadly to chickens though - yikes! What an amazing shot of that hummingbird.

  10. Cattle Call-- When I was a kid mother had a raccoon as a pet. Mischevious critter she was!

    Canyon Girl-- Um, you can keep the snakes!! lol

    Razzberry Corner- Lynn, how neat that would have been to sit with them. PB huh? Hmmmm, might just have to leave a treat out for the coons that do come up.

    Louise-- I've been told the same thing about raccoons. And also how much damage they can do. So, I make sure they can't get under the house or into the attic. We have lived here seven years now and not a bit of trouble with them. Heck, they eat right alongside my cats!

    Cass- We have possums too. Although the whole time we have lived here I have yet to see one. I do see them dead on the roads. Years ago at our old house I went out the back door to be confronted by a possum. He was a big one! And he stood on his hind legs and growled at me! I went back inside, grabbed a broom and shooed him away.

    Danni--I have also heard how raccoons like chickens. So I am very careful with my chickens. They are securely locked up at night.

    Sandra--Yes, coons are adorable.

    Me- Just like you I still get all excited when I see the coons. So cute.

    Morning Bray- Yes, I have heard the coons like chickens and can do some real nasty damage to them. Yeah, I thought the pic of the hummingbird was pretty cool. It isn't everday one finds its way into the house!

  11. love the racoon popping up out of the flowers wonderfull!


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