Monday, April 5, 2010

Size differance

Thought you might like to see how big the hatched chicks are getting. The big one has been named Jeff Lewis. Jeff is the biggest chick of the bunch. He is as big as his 'mama', Little Inger! Still haven't figured out if Jeff is a hen or rooster. The little one next to him was born about a week after Jeff and is well, not very big compared to his/her sibling.

Jeff Lewis is bigger than all of his/her siblings.
One of Jeff's other siblings. Hmmmm, we know the father is Stew Pot, but the egg either came from Danni the Polish Laced or one of the Houdans.

Jeff Lewis seems to be a bit of a bully with the White Silky chicks. I caught him/her picking up one of the Silkies by the tuff of feathers on top of his/her head!

Does anyone have a guess if Jeff Lewis is hen or rooster?
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  1. No guess, but, they look like they are all going to grow up to be beautiful birds.

  2. Cindy - My guess is Jeff is a rooster. I could be wrong, it's just a guess! Poor little Silkie, being picked up by his head puff! I love the other dark one with the head puff, too!

  3. Well his attitude I would say rooster, but I know really nothing about chickens whatsoever, so that is just a total uneducated guess lol.

  4. In the Cuckoo Marans world, the larger, lighter ones are boys. So what breed of chicken is his Mama?

  5. Yeah, I'm thinking rooster, too. I agree with Joanna that with the barred birds that are lighter and larger usually means a roo.

    I have a silkie Mama also and your header picture looks so familiar. We also had a Barred Rock/Ameraucana mix and 5 black silkies that she has brooded. I think they make excellent mothers. The BR is now bigger than Mom and has a pea (instead of the single) comb. I don't know if we have a "her" or "him" yet either???

    How old are your chicks?

  6. Just a guess but I say you have a rooster. Or just a big bully girl!

  7. This is so interesting -- I can't wait to find out what he/she is. How is my little namesake holding up after hatching and raising so many babies? It looks like she's doing a great job of it.

  8. My daughter is going with hen. We think it's just a bully because it's bigger.

  9. I know I know Jeff is Dinner lol cause he's a rooster.

  10. Not really a good clear call, not seeing anything distinctly roosterish about 'it'. Nice looking though. The one that looks like it, but has the head tuff is just hysterical. That would make me laugh everytime I went out to the coop.


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