Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First Day Out

After much processing and pondering I decided today is the day to let the chicks out into the big world. If I waited for the smaller ones to get big enough, well, the bigger chicks would be adults before venturing out of the coop. So I opened the x-pen and let everyone out. Stew Pot on guard over his babies and girls.
Shortbus could have cared less. And here it was I worried that the cats would go after the chicks. Should have known that wouldn't happen. Not with Little Inger and Bonnie watching over their babies!

Of course there is the ever vigilante donkey crowd having to know what is going on at all times.

This guy or gal I have a feeling is going to be an adventurer. First one out of the coop, first one to take off on his/her own, first one to do his/her own thing.

The babies having a grand time.

Stew Pot being the good dad he is, watching his kids.

Even though Little Inger and Bonnie have already shown the babies how to scratch and find food, Stew Pot had to put his two cents worth in and show them how it is done. Um, okay Stew Pot, good job. giggle giggle

Whoops, sorry. This is a duplicate picture.

Yes, another duplicate. One of these days I'll learn how to delete just certain pics. In the meantime please forgive the duplicates.

I stayed outside for quite awhile watching everyone to make sure all was safe. Kept an eye in the sky for hawks. Kept close tabs on the cats. You know, all the mother hen things! Ha Ha

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  1. Adventurous lot that you have there. They look like so much fun. And, Stew Pot is such a good Dad.

  2. Great photo's, You must be so proud of all your animals for behaving on the chicks first day out! I had blue eyes reading with me this morning, he hasn't quite learnt all his animals yet. He loves chooks, but still mistakes donkey's/horses for cows.. He loved them none the less!!

  3. Oh you are such a good mama hen. Can't get over the side difference of some of the little ones. Wow! How cute are those!

  4. You're a good chicken mama!

    Stew Pot looks like a good rooster. He's such a big guy - my roosters are so skinny, all legs and neck. I love the first pic of Stew Pot on guard!

    To delete a pic, I just click on the pic after it's been added, then click "remove". It's easy! But I still haven't added videos to my blog- I know you told me how a long time ago!

  5. I still can't get over your cats and that they aren't interested in the chicks. As I said before it must be because of your big heart and all the love that you share with them all.

    By the way, how many donkeys do you have now? It looks like a lot.

  6. I am so glad I am not the only one that isn't a total camera genius... Your cats didn't care, mine just runs. The mistake of sleeping in the hen yard when the chickens are hungry. A tail, a twitch, and then peck,peck,snap YOWWWWL! Needless to say, the cats have a lot more respect for Longtail and his girls... Stewpot is sure a nice looking guy!

    Why do I get the idea that breakfast at your house would be a noisy affair, with all the furry folk?


  7. Louise- Yes, Stew Pot is a good dad. I had my doubts in the begining with him!

    Cass- Well, since Blue Eyes is 'reading' with you, I am going to have to post a video every now and then for him so he can hear the donkeys!

    Me (Tina)- The size differance gets me too. I am wondering if the others will catch up to their three big siblings.

    Lynn-Thanks for the tip! I really appreciate it.

    Canyon Girl ( Big Inger)- We have, let me think..... 8 donkeys. Yes, that's right 8.

    Cat-- That mental image of your cats getting pecked is hilarious! Yes, it can get quite noisy around here. Especially if I am late feeding! And by late I mean by a few minutes. Seriously. If I am not out there at their expected time, well, they all let me know! lol

  8. Nice little flock you have there. Will they all be keepers?

  9. What breed is StewPot? He is a very good Daddy.

  10. The donkey crowd always makes me smile. Isn't it amazing how curious they are? Nothing ever goes unnoticed by Bernard and Ellsworth!

  11. Cattle Call- Thank you. Sadly as soon as I found out which ones are roosters they will have to go somewhere else. Already have two roos here. Can't have anymore.

    Joanna--I have no idea what breed Stew Pot is. He was kind of a rescue. He used to belong to the neighbor but kept coming over here. One day Stew Pot kept trying to go back over there and the neighbor kept throwing him over the fence and kept telling him he belonged over here.

    Morning Bray--Isn't that the truth! Donkeys always have to know what is going on at all times! They sure do keep me laughing. :)

  12. the babies are lovely!
    thanks for your support!
    looks as though I can keep my pigs after all and the allotment seems rent lease will cover both!!!!
    phew!!! thought Iwas going to loose almost everythingxxx


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