Thursday, April 22, 2010


This morning as I was taking care of some outside chores I started noticing the colors around the property. With Spring here, Mother Nature is showing her colorful side between weeds, bushes, flowers and trees.

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  1. So all the flowers, even though I am not at all into gardening, but I do admire a beautiful flowerbed at any time. I am more a daisy or dandilion girl lol...I can grow those no problem...

  2. Almost wordless Thursday? The pictures are lovely. I have some iris that are starting to come up, the red tulips are starting to fade...
    Spring brings new things every few days, it seems like.


  3. Spring has definitely sprung at your place. It's so nice to finally see color everywhere!

  4. Me- No flower bed here either. The flowers that are blooming were here when we bought the place. And those flowers are scattered here and there.

    John- Those beautiful purple flowers/buds are on a tree in the front yard. Sorry, I have no idea what kind of tree it is. I'll post a pic of the whole tree ( it's very small but grows a bit each year). Maybe you can tell me what it is!!!

  5. I'm with John, those purple flowers are gorgeous and it would be fun to see the tree and maybe try to figure out what they are. Spring is coming slowly up here, then it will suddenly burst out in a flash and one has to keep up. (Since one has no long-eared lawn mowers like you,lucky woman.)

  6. How do you keep the "long ears" from eating the flowers?

  7. Great colour in your garden. We won't see Lilacs for another month. And the honeysuckle is later here. It's all about zones!


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