Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy Weekend

Why aren't the weekends longer? They just seem to fly by. And before you know it,Monday has arrived. On Friday it was time to go to town and get cat food, dog food, cat litter, horse grain, salt blocks, and chicken food. Getting it is the easiest part. Unloading it all and putting it where it belongs takes some time.

In a much earlier post I mentioned about having a house guest ( Otto the cat). well, Otto is now back with his owner, however, my oldest daughter rescued several cats from her neighborhood about a month ago. Not too long ago one of her neighbors asked her if she owned the cats hanging around her house. She told him that no they weren't hers, but she was feeding them and had them fixed and vaccinated.

He told her that since they weren't hers that he was going to trap them and take them to the county and have them put to sleep. And when the neighbor told her what he was going to do, she just couldn't let that happen. She brought in two of the strays inside her house and asked if she could bring one out here. Of course I said yes. So now we have another cat. Introducing Smudge settling in like she has been here forever.
On Saturday it was time to clean the inside of the chicken house. Old shavings out. New shavings in. As I was carrying a bucket of the old shavings out I heard Canadian Geese. For once I was able to get a picture of them flying over our property. They are the dark dots in between the 'v' branch. There are times that a few of them fly so low you can hear the sounds of their wings.

After taking care of a lot of other chores over the weekend I paused and saw all the horses and donkeys in one area of the back pasture. As I stood there watching them, the thought 'picture perfect' came to mind. It was just so peaceful and serene watching them.

One more thing I would like to mention. Over the weekend I have become more involved in speaking up against horse slaughter. I know, not a very good way to end a post. But it is something that I believe shouldn't happen. The horse is a majestic animal that should not be slaughtered. The horrors they go through is downright stomach turning. I send in donations to help get horses out of kill pens.

If you would like more information how to help horses and donkeys not go to slaughter, please let me know. There are several organizations that I can refer you to.
Okay, more chores to get done.
Until next time......................


  1. animal feed....bulky and expensive
    I need more money!

  2. Wpw do you do it all day in and day so much work...
    I totally agree with you horses and donkeys should not be slaughtered, I have seen all the good thinks you do on FB, wow...watching all the activity there had me a few times in tears over the weekend. So many that need to be sad is that. I totally admire your passion...hats off to you! The world needs more people like you and all those who help all these beautiful creatures. Wow...I need more many that need to be helped.

  3. I did the same thing Saturday. I usually go every 6-8 weeks to stock up on cat/dog food, so there is ALLOT. I sure do get the looks! And like you said, the hardest part is getting it all unloaded. I try and get the dogs to help, but they just look at me....

  4. Smudge is adorable and I predict that she is going to be one of the best cats evah!

  5. You are so right, that photo of your horses and donkeys is gorgeous. And it is a horror to think of these wonderful animals being slaughtered. How awful about that neighbor too. I hope it won't be too difficult for your daughter to live close by someone like that.

  6. That man who said he wanted to trap and kill the cats must have been a rat in a former life as my mother used to say. Good for you and your daughter! I love marketing but trudging in with the stuff, ugh! And I don't have horses, but my best friend does and she has major muscles from taking care of them. I would be wonderful if you could make a post for maybe a petition we could sign or something to help save the horses.

  7. Love the pictures Cindy. And I think I've decided; YOU have a "Type A" personality with all you do! lol

    I have a friend in TN who is starting a horse rescue. She like most all of us is on a limited budget. There are a few things that she has in mind of how to help in a bigger way though. One of which is starting a "coalition" to help geld colts and stallions at no cost to rescues and then maybe low cost to back yard owners. The other one is a "coalition" for helping with transport to the adoptive homes at low cost or no cost as well. Right now she is swamped with paperwork and trying to get it all done, while taking care of and placing rescues her family has taken in.
    You can find Christine on FB by searching for WhiteHorse Hill Farm and Equine Rescue. She is so much like you Cindy, type A personality and heart of gold!


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