Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inside looking out

The past few days have been cloudy and raining off and on so the donkeys had to go back into the pasture until the weather cleared up.
And today it is a very nice day. The grass around the house needs to be mowed, so..........
you guessed it! Four of the donkeys got to come out of the pastures and start their job of mowing. Since it is so nice I have the front door open. I walked around the corner and saw this scene. Cookie and Doughnut staring in, while Doug, Jovi and Ozzy staring out.
Doug and Ozzy are fascinated with Doughnut. And it appears Doughnut feels the same about the cats.

Pearl had to come up and see what all the interest was.

Doug and Ozzy not moving a muscle. Too much interesting things going on outside.

Pearl is a very intelligent girl. She observes everything. Which is why I have to put a latch on all the gates because she learned how to open them!
The look on her face tells me she is trying to figure out how to open the door. For good measure, I keep the screen door locked! The last thing I want is a donkey inside the house!!!

Until next time...................................


  1. So cute:) If they could only speak... what would they talk about?

  2. Omg, I love it.....can I move in with you? lol.....I want a donkey at my are so lucky to have all these critters so close all the time. I am so envious....

  3. That sequence of pictures was just too cute! Don't you wish you knew what everyone was thinking?

  4. i knew i liked you!!! that is so adorable and so very sweet...i love this post...your babies are beautiful and i love how you love and care for them!

  5. Finally got a minute to catch up with my blogging buds. I have been going night and day trying to keep up with the farm and softball season. Congrats to your daughter, I signed my oldest up for high school yesterday, and she is already getting calls from our local colleges. She too has maintained a 4.0 GPA. How do you keep the donkeys from eating everything in you yard? Anytime our animals come in the yard they eat everything but the grass.

  6. very unique photo's - cats and donkeys looking through the glass door at each other.

  7. I bet you were chuckling to see that scene. I never have a camera nearby when those funny moments are there. That is just too Cute!!

  8. That is wonderful!!! When world's collide! Just found you blog by the way and am loving it!

  9. Fun pictures--and free entertainment for all--donkeys, cats and human. :-) Doug is esp. funny since he doesn't move a muscle in all the shots.

  10. Oh my, that is too cute. I could use them to mow my lawn too. I wish you could send them over. I hate mowing the lawn, that would be way more fun - of course we'd need a bigger fence.

  11. Those photos are priceless! I think the first one should be on your Christmas/holiday card this year!


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