Thursday, April 1, 2010

Prize Box

Look what was in the mailbox this afternoon! It is the Grits prize box from Joanna at Thank you Joanna! I was like a little kid at Christmas. :)
Everything was packaged into colorful Easter grass.

When I pulled this guy out I laughed out loud. He has a small package of candy in his butt!!! He is going into the kitchen where I can see him all the time.

Just look at all the goodies! Candy, a towel, socks, Easter napkins, rainmate hooded poncho, beautiful decorated Easter egg decorations, a cookie and a jar of Blackberry jam!!! Yum!!!!

Thank you so much Joanna. This was all very generous. I am going to enjoy everything very much.

Please give Clara and those four cutie pie babies a hug from me.

Until next time.................


  1. Aren't you spoiled? lol....enjoy looks like lots of goodies!

  2. Looks like Easter came early to your house. Love the socks! Thanks for all of the nice comments to my blog.

  3. Oh good, the Easter Bunny found you! :-)

  4. Wow, what a great prize! Guess I need to enter Joanna's contest next time. I love the socks.

    Happy Easter!


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