Saturday, April 10, 2010

Donkeys in The Yard!!!

Before we get to the donkeys I wanted to show you how my chickens are locked up every night. The end of the x-pen is pushed up against the coop.
The outside door of the coop has two latches on. The kind of latches where you have to pull them back to unhook them.

The chickens are locked up behind these doors. Well, not actually locked up. Just a bolt holding the clasp shut. I am hoping with these precautions the raccoons will not bother the chickens.

Okay, on to the donkeys. Since they did such a great job 'mowing' the grass behind and on the side of the house, well, why not let them into the front of the house and start mowing there too! As you can see Doughnut ( black one) and Arnold ( grey) are enjoying munching on the grass. Shortbus ( cat in the background) is oblivious to the donkeys.

Kirby ( black cat) wasn't too sure of Doughnut being so close so he scooted on by to the front door.

Cookie checking out the exit driveway area to see if there is anything good over there to eat. Not to worry, we have gates on both the entry and exit driveways. Arnold in the background checking out the neighbors dog. Yes, the same dog that killed one of my chickens!

And speaking of the neighbors dog. Well, he thought that he would bark and lunge at the fence when the donkeys were standing there. However, it didn't take that dog long to realize that he was outnumbered as well as outweighed. And also that the donkeys were not running from him. After a little bit the dog walked off and sat down and just sat there. Not making another sound!

Now who would have thought that donkeys liked cat food! Before I knew it Cookie and Doughnut had walked to the front door and helped themselves to the cats' food. Yes, I picked it up! Not too sure how cat food would settle with a donkeys stomach. Better safe than sorry.

My oldest daughter, Jennifer, turned 29 on Tuesday. Since she had to work that day we celebrated her birthday yesterday ( Friday). I made Chinese food and baked a cake.

I tried making a cat cake. One that looks like one of her cats. But do you think I could find a picture of Patrick ( her cat)? Nope. So, I guessed at his markings from memory. He doesn't have a tail due to his previous horrible past before Jennifer adopted him. So that is why there is not tail on this cake.

Cake sure didn't come out looking much like a cat, but if I say so myself, it tasted pretty darned good!

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  1. It took me 3 hours to mow my grass the other day so can I borrow a donkey. My cows, horse and goat just want to eat my flowers. Send a piece of cake with the donkey. (LOL)

  2. I should have gotten donkeys,not turtles!! So nice of the them to do the job for you:))

  3. I'd love to borrow a donley, too, to mow my grass. Today is grass mowing day! Everything around here eats our cat's food - raccoons, cats, birds, opposums, skunk, but no donkeys!

  4. All natural mowers that don't require a lick of work on your part. Who could ask for anything better?

  5. Wow, thanks for sharing these pics, love the donkeys eating the cat food lol....and love the cute....

  6. You know the donkeys wouldn't miss out on the cat food, they are such curious critters, after all. I have started mowing too...the dogs do their best to help eat the grass, but you know how it always comes up on the living room carpet.

    Happy belated birthday to Jennifer.

    lol, big inger

  7. Hubby is tired of mowing our pasture. I clearly need more grass eating animals.

  8. Love this post! If you've got the four legged power mowers let them to it, I say. The sheep handle all the areas outside the yard, but I do have to mow inside the fenced yard. If I turned them in here they would eat all my flowers and bushes I didn't want eaten. I'm trying to go more towards flower gardens/english cottage look to avoid having to mow as much. I would rather weed than mow! Anyway the sheep do a great job outside the yard and have cut down on my mowing of those areas by 3/4. Enjoyed seeing all your donkeys, they are beautiful.

  9. Had to look at those pics again, I can't believe you have donkeys in your yard....I am so envious, omg I would be in heaven if that was me.

  10. I like seeing the donkeys in the front yard. You made Chinese food? Never tackled Chinese food although I like to eat it out. The cake is darling.

  11. that cake is a killer!!!!
    what is it????


  12. I have read that donkeys can founder from getting into a bag of cat food because of the high protein content - good thing you took it right away. Better safe than sorry, for sure!


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