Monday, April 26, 2010

Shaking my head!

Today is a shake my head and a 'why didn't I think of that day'. Before I get into what the main subject is, it is official, Jeff Lewis ( the one in the center of the pic) is a..........Rooster!! Darn it! :( So, I will wait to see who else is a rooster and then place an ad to move them to other homes. I know, I know, the chances of someone actually wanting a rooster to just be a rooster is slim. Most likely they will end up as dinner for someone. Although I will not want to know that, I will kindly ask the person(s) getting the roosters to lie to me and tell me that they are going to a good home. Some things I have a very difficult time dealing with and sending an animal to its death is one of them. Even though I know the truth. I would keep them if I could, but having two roosters now, it just isn't an option.
Some time ago I posted about what at first I thought were ducks to find out were a pair of Egyptian Geese. Yesterday, late morning, I glanced out the kitchen window to see the female up by the barn. But the male was no where to be seen.

So I snuck around the front of the house and took a few pics of her. Once she noticed me she walked off down the driveway and back across the road. Worried about the male I waited until she was out of sight then also walked to the road. Checked the ditches for the male and thankfully nothing. I am hoping he was hanging out where he couldn't be seen.
I get up pretty early in the morning, but at 4:30 this morning I woke to the sounds of chewing.......on the house! What the hell! The sound was right next to one of the bedroom windows. So, I lifted the blinds to see Cookie the donkey staring back at me! After doing morning chores, a walk to the back of the house revealed she, and I am certain her cohorts, have decided to start chewing the wood around the windows!

Obviously it has been going on for a bit and just didn't pay attention to it. As I was standing there thinking why would they start chewing on wood, they have plenty to eat, plenty to do to keep them occupied the light went on in my head! Duh, there is no salt block in the yard! And the donkeys have been in the yard now for four days. Oh man, I should have put one of the salt blocks in for them. I make sure there are three kinds of salt blocks available in both pastures year round for everyone. A regular plain salt, mineralized salt and a selenium block. Well, it is suppose to rain later today so the donkeys are going back into the pastures for awhile.

Have you ever noticed a smell and just can't find it? You look for it but just can't seem to pinpoint where it is originating from.
This morning I found the smell. And yes it was a shake your head moment.
See the darker coloring on the bottom of the screen door? Yup, that's where the smell is. I have noticed the discoloration for awhile now, but disregarded it due to the age of the door.
Be happy that there is no such thing as 'smell a blog'! I do believe either a stray tomcat is spraying or one of the raccoons is spraying marking their territory.
Well, as of a little bit ago I reclaimed 'my' territory. No, I didn't pee on it ( although that would have been a trick in itself!).
I washed it down with soap and water, poured vinegar on it, sprinkled baking soda on it, sprayed some Simple Solution on it, then a quick spray with Febreeze. have to say, MY door smells much better! Take that cat or coon!!

Little Inger is being broody again. And why o why does she insist on sitting where the poop is from the other chickens when they are on the roosts. Come on, there are so many more clean places to be broody.
No, she is not going to get to hatch eggs this time. Sorry Little Inger. Not until the other chicks you raised are bigger.

Just before I came in this morning, just watching the chickens, I heard rustling in the oak tree right next to me. Without looking I turned the camera on, raised and pointed in the direction of the sound.

This is what was in the tree. At first I thought it was one of the hawks hanging around, but it is just one of the three crows that live around here. Whew, thank goodness just crow and not a hawk!

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  1. Oh my! is really all I have to say to this post...I guess you will be doing house renovation next...I never knew that donkeys love wood so much until I started at the DSC. Seems like they chewed little grooves into the fences there to just fit their neck better to lean over the fence....little monsters they are lol....

  2. Wow - there's a whole lot going on at your place!! House-chewing donkeys, now that's a new one - lol. I've recently noticed the edge of my barn chewed and I *do* have a mineral block for the donks, just about a foot and a half from where they're chewing!

    Sweet lil Inger...she always makes me smile!!

  3. One of my friends has gotten really mad at me for doing this in the past so you may not agree with it either BUT what I pefer to do with extra roosters is I take them deep in the woods, thick underbrush and a running stream, and set them out. I'm very protective of my hens so I don't want extra males around but I feel good about putting the males out in the forest rather than going to a bad home or quickly getting butchered, at least in the woods, I've given them plenty of pickins' and water, some protection, and hopefully they can have a good life.

  4. Joanna, that is what I did my extra rooster. We called it "puppying the rooster". I found him a nice spot. He may get eaten, but I figured he had a fighting chance.

  5. We played the "what's that smell" game in the house last night. I walked in the room and Amber was telling Callie, her feet stunk. Callie was saying it's not me, I set down on the couch and then I smelled it. Callie was eating some stir fry and we thought that was it. Then it just seemed to get stronger. Finally it clicked, you know how you know the smell, just can't pin point it? Well, the other day when I was at the feed store I picked up 3 chicks and they are living in my living room at the moment. They are in a wire cage with a metal drop pan. Mix that with a heat light and you have hot chicken poop.
    I line the pan with newspaper, but the girls had tended to the chicks and didn't put the paper down. So I guess it made the smell kick in. They have been in the house about 2 weeks and this was the first time I smelled them. Needless to say, I am weaning them off the lamp now that they have featherd and moving them out doors.
    PS-Have you still not been able to post?

  6. It is seriously never a dull moment for you there! Wow!

  7. cracking crow photo!! we have posting on similar themes today!!!


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