Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Scare

What is it with having animals in your life and the big scares they give you?
Yesterday I was over the top busy with paperwork so didn't go out as often as usual to check on the chickens.
Late afternoon I ventured out there to check on everyone. All I have to do is call 'babies' and all the chickens come running.
After calling for them I always do a head count. But after several times counting one of the black and white babies was not there.
I searched everywhere and after awhile I found black and white baby feathers. And a lot of them!! Oh no. Crap!! This is not a good sign. I tracked the feathers until I couldn't find anymore. My heart sank. It appeared that a hawk or something large took my baby. So I locked up the rest of the chickens with my head hanging low and a heavy heart. All the while kicking myself for not taking the time to check on them more often. Trying to come to terms that when predator birds are in the area and chickens are wandering around the inevitable is going to happen.
Since it was almost time to get ready to start evening feeding I figured to just go ahead and start right then and there. My oldest daughter had called earlier so I returned her call as I was getting ready to feed. As I was telling her about what had happened to one of the babies I heard a chirping sound. Then it got louder!
I looked down to see that baby who I thought had been eaten was standing next to my boots staring up at me just chirping away.
I hung up on my daughter and reached down and picked up the baby. He/she was so scared. He/she tucked its little head into my jacket. Then it was time to look for injuries. No blood. No scratches. Both eyes still there. The only thing I found was that the tail feathers were gone. Whatever had tried getting the baby didn't succeed. I still don't know what tried eating the baby. A mystery I shall solve!!
The chick in the middle of the pic is the one without tail feathers.

I had to buy a new camera. The old one finally gave out. So of course I had to play with it. This is Bob-a-loo the White Silky Rooster.

Little Inger's close up while I was holding her.

And while I was standing there taking random pics I noticed movement to my right. This was taken about two feet away. That Ground Squirrel didn't seem to mind me being that close.

One of the cats came along and noticed the Ground Squirrel so it ducked back inside the wood pile. Um, I see you hiding in there!

Until next time................


  1. Im so glad that the baby made it! She's a tough little one - you'll have to name her something special!

  2. Oh, I'm so glad that the baby was ok. Tail feathers will grow back, and, for a while at least, you will be able to tell that one from the others.

    Bob-a-loo and Little Inger are very beautiful birds, and the ground squirrel is adorable.

  3. Phew!!!! Made me sweat there for a minute....glad the baby is ok. Love the squirrel and Bob a loo is very handsome. Never thought I would say that about a chicken.

  4. I'm so glad the baby is OK. I can just imagine how scared he/she was. And you too, poor thing. The new camera takes great photos. I can see the difference in clarity. And I love the new photo at the top.

    Big Inger

  5. yeeschh..I hate those feelings..But soo glad "There she was"!! Nothing warms you up better!!

  6. whew, glad baby is OK, no telling what got hold of it

  7. It was like reading a mystery book...phew, glad the baby is ok!

  8. Glad the little chickie was okay. Sometimes it's a good thing that they realease all those feathers when scared/stressed--kinda like the lizard losing it's tail. Maybe it saved her. Could one of the cats just been messing around and 'playing' with catching her? Anyway, hope that all is quiet and calm in your corner of the world today!

    April 14, 2010 6:49 AM

  9. so glad all is well with the baby! how scary! i would be devestated. i know how you feel when work overtakes you during the day...but you are a good animal mama and i pray the chickens stay safe and maybe it was a playful kitty...


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