Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You Know Your Owned and Loved By Your Animal Family When....

You know you are owned by a cat when they get between you and the computer while you are working and demand your attention. If you don't give it to them, they give you "the look".
You know when you are owned by horses and donkeys when feeding time is getting close and they all let you know very loudly that you better not be late getting breakfast or dinner to them.
You know you are owned by the dog when she lays in the kitchen and expects you to walk around and over her.
On the same note, you know you are loved by the cat (s) when they bring you their 'treasure' into the house such as birds, dragonflies, baby ground squirrels, andmy favorite, the live snake! Luckily we have been able to save a few birds, a couple of dragonflies, one baby ground squirrel and yes, the live snake.
You know you are loved when you are having a bad day and a horse or donkey walks up to you and puts their head on your chest just to let you know that they are there for you.
You know you are loved when the dog ( who graciously allows us to sleep in the bed with her) lays her head on your pillow and gives you that ' I love you look".
Isn't it wonderful being owned by our furry family!
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  1. right you are about "the look". I see it frequently around here...from all the critters! :-)

  2. Cindy - you are so very right! And thank you for the great reminder!
    I hope you don't mind.. I wanted to let you know, I have come up with a way to not only sell our fantastic Organic Wheat from this year, but also to help feed Orphans in Kenya as well! :-)This is going to be sooooo cool. I just can't wait to get the listing started, but first the ground work must be done..... Our goal is not only to help feed the Orphans, but also to help supply the financial aid to help dig a well and create water for an entire village that is literally dying of thirst and hunger because of drought. Can you help me spread the word??? :-)
    God Bless!!


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