Monday, August 3, 2009

Wow. Crazy couple of days!

Saturday's thunderstorm rolling in.
Can you find the Red Headed Woodpecker? We have a lot of them here. They sure are beautiful, but they do like to make holes in the trees and the barn. Part of the fun of living rural.

Hollyhocks seem to be about the only plant with any color around. Amazing how hardy they are. Notice the dry yard? It is like that everywhere. Even some of the hay fields turned brown with all those 100 degree days. Even with irrigation!

This is what cats do even in the house when it is hot. Dogs too! Rose is on the floor and Kirby is laying on the coffee table.

And this is Ozzy who was frightened by the thunderstorm. Safety under the chair.

My apologies for not writing the past two days. My goodness it has been crazy. Severe thunderstorms rolled in Saturday. And they were packing a punch. Over twenty fires were started due to lightning strikes. Thankfully no one was hurt. We lost our Internet Saturday evening and it didn't come back on until sometime Sunday morning.

Sunday was quiet. No thunderstorms. Although the weather service issued several warnings throughout the day. The power went out Sunday evening just before feeding time. We are on a well and without electricity there is no water! There are automatic waterers in the stalls which meant the horses and donkeys wouldn't have water through the night. So, gathered up small water troughs and put one into each stall, filled our little 35 gallon water tank from the above ground water storage tank we have and filled each trough. It took awhile but everyone had plenty of water. Thank goodness for water storage tanks! And thank goodness for our John Deere Gator because that is how we hauled the water from the tank to the stalls. I don't know what we would do without our Gator. I just love it.

This week we are suppose to get more thunderstorms with rain. We sure do need the rain.

I must admit, having ten straight days over one hundred plus temps has finally worn me down. Not a bit of energy.

Until next time......

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