Monday, August 17, 2009

Helping Out.

This is Apollo who is one of our dogs. Yeah, it's tough holding down the furniture. Totally exhausting. This is Cookie Cat who showed up on our doorstep about eight years ago on a Christmas morning. She was so scared and so skinny it broke our hearts. It was obvious she had just had kittens somewhere and by the way she acted I am pretty sure someone physically abused her. We searched for kittens but never found any. To this day she does not want her hip area touched. Our little Cookie Cat is the sweetest girl with a very soft meow.

Doughnut, Arnold and Cookie.

Jeff who with his mom were rescued the winter of 2004. Jeff was five months old at the time. As of yesterday he has been adopted by a wonderful family. His mom lives the life of a Princess with one of my dearest friends.

Static. He is a recent addition. Poor guy has allergies and an auto immune deficiency and has to have a shot once a month to keep him healthy and happy.

As usual my mind is always on the thinking mode. I know today's times are tough. Really tough. Heck, I've been reading about the Great Depression and my goodness we are living it again. Who would have ever thought in today's times we would be reliving the past.

Anyway, my mind went of course to our animals friends. Especially the ones that are in shelters, or wandering the streets, or who show up at our doorsteps. Animal shelters across the nation are filled to the max.

Which had my mind giving thought how we can help all of our local animal shelters or rescue organizations close by. They can always use food. Even a small five pound bag of dog or cat food helps them. For a rescue organization such as horses, even one bale of hay helps. Or one bag of grain.

The ultimate would be if all the animals could find safe, loving, caring homes, but sadly that won't happen for many of them. Which puts my mind on to another channel but will leave that one for a future blog.

We can step up to the plate and donate a bag of food, a bale of hay, a bag of grain, toys, etc... I know times are tough for us, but they are also tough times for our animal friends.

If you can, how about donating something to your local animal shelter. You can even ask about fostering a dog or cat.

Every month I donate a bag of food to one of the local organizations here.

And if you can, donating to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army or food bank is a great thing to do. ( Just wanted you all to know I care about all the struggling people too).

Until next time...........................

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