Friday, August 28, 2009


Nemo--lost, found & returned.

This afternoon while hubby and I were going into town we were about half a mile from our house when I saw a dog running in the middle of a very busy road. Actually the road is a Hwy.

We stopped, turned the flashers on so warn other drivers to be careful. Thankfully the drivers coming in the opposite direction saw the flashers and stopped.

All the while this little dog is running scared still in the middle of the road. We followed the dog about a quarter of a mile where other cars and a log truck had stopped and saw what was going on and also put their flashers on.

By this time there are several of us trying to get this dog to come. Traffic is backing up.

Finally the dog darted onto our road and ran up to the nearest house. With the help of a passerby, we were finally able to catch the little guy.

We brought him back to our place. Posted two found ads on Craigslist and called Animal Control in case the owner had filed a missing pet report.

Since he is such a good natured little dog he got along with our big dogs just fine.

About half an hour ago hubby and I decided to start knocking on doors. Turns out the first house we went to was the right one. Come to find out the dog squeezed under the fence and decided to explore.

The owner was very happy to have Nemo back. And we were very happy that Nemo is back with his family.

I have to say how impressed I was with all the drivers out there that actually stopped, turned their flashers on and got out of their vehicles to help.

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  1. So many times, all it takes is one person to care and to do something - like you did Cindy. Then everyone else is reminded of their compassion and responds like wise. May each of us have the courage to be the "one"! Way to go in Oregon!

  2. What a wonderful story. I can picture all the cars stopping and people trying to help one little dog. And you started it all! And Nemo got back home OK. How great is that!


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