Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Triple Digit Day--Again--Ugh!

Since today was another horrible triple digit day, and my snow dance is not working. The next best thing is to look at pictures of snow. The following pics are of what our place looks like when it snows. Different days of course.

I feel cooler just looking at the snow.
The hot temps didn't help because today we had to haul hay. Then this afternoon I loaded up one of my rescued horses who was adopted by a wonderful family. It was bittersweet watching him leave. He had been here since he was five months old. I was waiting for the perfect match and after several years, the perfect match came along.
Several dear friends (who also have horses) and I have the same high standards when it comes to placing our animals into new homes.
Patience pays off.
Until next time.........................


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  2. Love the snow pics Cindy! They ALMOST make me miss it.... almost. It went down to 58 degrees here last night... I'm thinking winter is on it's way. Not good! We still have NO hay! Now off to do more chores and marketing, marketing marketing...... Love ya!!

  3. Triple digits here too. The pictures helped to cool me down. And how gorgeous your place is. I'm glad you found a good home for the horse, but it must have been hard to part ways. Love,


  4. Wow - hard to believe that snow was everywhere 8 months ago. I know, I LOVE it, but I'm really dancing to the weather gods that this winter won't be a repeat of last!! We've cooled down significantly up here, today's only 80 and tomorrow's only supposed to be in the high 70's. Sending you cool thoughts... :-)


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