Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cats at it again.

This is Mr. Smith and as I was getting ready to do some work on the computer this morning, he decided to flop down letting me know he wanted attention. So as usual the computer can wait a few minutes and I give Mr. Smith his pets and kisses.

A few minutes after Mr. Smith left, up jumped Ozzie wanting the same. Wow, two cats in one morning.

Trashcan must have read yesterday's blog because as soon as I was done working on the computer I hear growling coming from the other room. Off to find out who is growling and why.

What do I see behind the chair in the family room? Trashcan's tail flipping up and down. Growling getting louder. I walk over to see what all the fuss is about and just what I want to see before my second cup of coffee. Half of a ground squirrel in Trashcan's mouth. Um, yuk!! Off to the kitchen, grab a plastic bag, back into the family room and reach for the ground squirrel. Nope, not so fast says Trashcan. After a few minutes of chasing him through the house I finally win and get the ground squirrel. He is one ticked off cat now. I take it outside to dispose of it all the while Trashcan is following and swatting at me. He wants his prize. Well, he can have it outside!

After I come back from feeding the herd another one of our cats has caught a bird and is eating it by the front door. Geez, come on. Enough already kitties!

An hour or so later I go back outside to start on chores and what do I see? Yup, another cat running towards the house with a snake! I run after the cat to find out if the snake is alive or dead. Sadly, the snake didn't make it.

Until next time....................

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