Friday, August 14, 2009

Oregon Beauty

Yes, those are my bare feet in the snow. I adore snow! Crater Lake National Park. One of my favorite places.

Crater Lake National Park. It is amazing!

We stop off at the Gorge on our way to Crater Lake.

Waterfall at the Gorge.

Gorge again.

I thought for those of you who haven't seen Oregon, a few pics would show you how beautiful a place it is. Crater Lake National Park is an amazing place. Pictures don't do it justice.
If you ever make it to Oregon, a must see is Crater Lake.
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  1. You're a crazy woman - standing in the snow with your bare feet!! LOL
    Crater Lake *is* magnificent. Did you know that it's over 1,900 feet deep? That number is so mind-boggling to me. Can you imagine the secrets that might lie at the bottom of this lake??!!
    What gorge are you referring to when you say you stop off at "the gorge" on your way to Crater Lake?


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