Friday, November 6, 2009

A Trip To Town

Come on, hop in the car and let's go to town. We are actually driving to the 'city'. Hee Hee Not much of a city, but around here it is the closest thing to a real honest to goodness city. The is the famous Blackbird statue that has graced the parking lot of the Blackbird Shopping Center for many, many years. During Christmas the employees put a Santa hat on the him. He has on occasion worn overalls! The younger generation ( teens/early 20's) have been known to climb to the top of his head. I've seen it with my own eyes!

We have to stop off at my oldest daughter, Jennifer, house and pick her up. She is going to ride along with us.

Since we kind of got a late start this morning how about I treat to you to an early lunch? Personally I do not recommend the Mushroom w/ Swiss burger unless you like salisbury steak on a bun. The regular burgers are pretty good.

I forgot to introduce you to my daughters cats. All of her cats are rescues. Hmmm, go figure that she would have rescued critters in her life too! This is Julie. When Julie was just a wee tiny kitten she had ringworm so bad her fur had to be shaved and she needed medication for a long time. Her owners thought it was too much of a problem and were going to euthanize her instead of taking care of the problem. Hence, that is how Julie came into Jennifer's life.

This is Baby Sig. Her owners were going to put her down because she wasn't social enough for them! Don't know about you, but people like that shouldn't even have any animal. Heck, if that animal doesn't reach their expectations, they'll just kill it and get another one.

And this big old handsome boy is Patrick. Jennifer adopted him from a local shelter without even seeing him. Asking yourself how that came about? Several years ago I was watching the local news in the morning and every Friday this particular news station features a pet from one of the local animal shelters. As soon as I saw Patrick there being featured on the news, I called Jennifer at work and told her that she needed to adopt Patrick. He was perfect for her.

She went down, filled out the application, still without seeing Patrick, and as soon as she was approved they brought him out and it was love at first sight. She works in the veterinary field and all of the animal shelter people know who she is which made adopting him very easy. When she was asked how she knew about Patrick, she told them her Mom saw him on the news and that she needed to have him in her life.

Patrick was severly abused by teenagers so is very scared of men. With Jennifer's love and patience, he has learned to kind of trust people.

Sam and Ella are two cats Jennifer is fostering right now for a local animal shelter. Did you catch what the word is if you say the cat's name's together? giggle giggle

Yes, I am aware of the same pic being posted twice. Sorry. I don't know how to delete the pic. But give me time and I'll figure it out.
My camera batteries started fading quickly. So in a nutshell, we all stopped off at Safeway, the day old breadstore, and a few more quick stops.

I bought new batteries at one of our stops so can take pics again.

Here is a field of cows a couple of miles from my house.

Stopped in the road, rolled down the window, and took this pic. Look, this guy is looking right at you.

I don't know if you can see the deer on the road or not. She is on the left side of the road. Thank goodness there wasn't another car on the road so I could stop and watch this beautiful doe take her time to cross.

Well, we are home now.

Tomorrow I'll show you the pics of some of the old buildings around here.

Hope the ride to the 'city' wasn't too boring.
Until next time............................

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  1. How funny, I went to town the other day, took pictures, and was going to post them. I even saw a herd of cattle and was going to stop on my way back, but by then they had moved out of sight. No deer sightings though. And no blackbirds of that size either. I'll post my trip to town soon, so you can see what it looks like around here.


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