Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Second Chance

This morning as I was giving my chickens some treats I heard a wild bird in distress. And it was very close! I started to do the hunt and search for where the sound was coming from.

Looked under the vehicles. Nope. Looked in the bushes. Nope. Looked around the wood pile. Nope.

I finally traced it to the travel trailer. Looked underneath and sure enough that is where the sound was coming from.

What do I see? One of our outside cats with a bird in his mouth. Little bird was hollering very loud. I yelled at the cat who came running past me and as I was just about to grab the cat with bird in mouth, another one of our cats came dashing in from the other side, hit the cat holding the bird and the hit was hard enough cat number one lost his grip and off flew the bird to the nearest tree.

Thinking that was the end of it, the next thing I see is cat number one climbing the tree at lighting speed to get the bird again. Um, nope, can't have the bird. I start throwing small rocks at cat number one to get him to stop going after the bird.

All the while cat number two is at the bottom of the tree doing that howl/meow/chatter noise cats do.

Finally after the third handful of rocks cat number one gets out of the tree. I suppose he didn't like those pesky flying things buzzing by his head he figured the bird wasn't worth the effort anymore.

As soon as cat number one is out of the tree and back on the ground, up goes cat number two. Geez, really guys! More handfuls of small rocks to get cat number two down. This time it took at least six handfuls of rocks to deter cat number two. Finally he comes down, looks at me, gives me a really dirty look, flicks his tail and saunters off.

The whole time this is going on the little bird is sitting in the same spot. Hasn't moved a muscle.

Do I run back to the house and grab the camera in hopes the bird will still be there or just go on about my business.

Of course I run back to the house, grab the camera, run back to the tree, look for cat number one and two to make sure they aren't around and to see if the bird is still there.

It isn't a very good picture, but sure enough, the little bird was still there! No cats to be seen so took a few pics all the while talking to the bird. As soon as I was done, I stepped back, and watched for a few minutes. The next thing I know the bird flies off.

Bird is to the left of the picture between the 'V' branch.

I know, cats catch birds and eat them. But, if any of my cats catch a bird and it is still alive while I am around, you can bet I am going to take the bird away. Most of the time I win and get the bird.

So, this little bird got a second chance today.

Until next time..............................


  1. How exciting! You saved the little bird's life! Now he will live to tell his children birds all about the terrible time he survived the monster cat attack!

    I would have saved him if I could, too! In the past I've taken mice from the mouth of my housecat & put them outside...the cat wasn't too happy, but I rewarded him with some cat food & some praise...

  2. Just read through a lot of your posts. Your blog is so full of love and life. Thank you for sharing.


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